Got a Surprise Gift in office

I was selected in the lucky draw conducted for the sample prelims of the technical quiz event “Inquizitive 2007” conducted in my office today. The lucky draw was conducted for the people whoever answered correctly.

The Surprise gift is : “The Video CD set of the hindi film ‘Mera Naam Joker’! 😉

Somehow felt happy that the term “luck” applies me to at times as that was the factor sometimes we feel we never get projected though its not always true but to certain extent.

To be frank, the “interest” is what literally drags you in.. I mean it.. Obviously at times the “knowledge” is also related with the interest eventhough you can obtain the former with the later!

Fine, just to let you know of the questions..

  • Duke is the mascot of which technology?
  • Bibendum is the famous mascot of which brand?
  • Which brand got its name from its founder Adolph Dassler?

Well, the answers are:

  • Java (thanks to the doubts and errors which made me surf and search the sites and forums through which i knew it long back and it was of Java’s icon).
  • Michelin – “The Michelin Man” is the symbol of Michelin [GOK!]
  • Adidas from Adolph AdiDassler [GOK!]

The term GOK referred above stands for “Google only Knows!” 😉 . Now can you correlate the afore mentioned paragraph talking about Knowledge Vs Interest? I mean it.


4 comments so far

  1. Santa on

    Hey dear…congrats for that da. me really happy for you

    Luv u

  2. raghs on

    Thanks dear 😉

  3. studio-model on

    Digital Studio Modeling

    hey good stuff

  4. raghs on


    Thank you. Welcome here 🙂

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