To WordPress hereafter…?

Its been sometime I had been thinking to shift to wordpress but did not materialise as I had been having several blogs for separate purposes. Initially had an idea to club all those into one blog as some people do so that the total entries in the blog would more as all the blogs of seperate categories would come under something called “tags”.

Sometimes back, blogspot also started supporting tags. If i m right, its from the year 2007 (perhaps, that’s the time i might have noticed… huh!). Now, I think its hitime because, blogspot is being totally blocked as it gradually became very famous and the hitcounts for the site must have alerted the Sytem / Network admins in the corporate offices. No way, i m intended to degrade wordpress or the blogs in wordpress in this regard. But mostly wordpress dint gather the attention is what i tend to say.

Somehow i had been liking the wordpress and its look and feel more than that of blogspot but since had been with blogspot for longtime which made me hesitate till now. but the situation had gone worse in such a way that i need to survive!

But still, having a doubt that whether it may also be blocked. In that case, shifting to someother weblog provider would more or less look like virtually having an ABT service.. 😉 Isnt it?

As such, i dont have any issues in installing the e-kalappai (for the unicode tamil font) as i am given the Admin rights. Until this right is revoked or the wordpress site also being blocked, i think i can continue living with it. let me see..

Had just tested with some other options in other sites i have.. one among them is But there is a major issue with Unicode Fonts, which were displayed correctly when i was typing and till before posting.. But Alas.. once the post is published, dont know why they are vanished.. probably the support may not be there in the server! have to look around.. if its successful, may not have any issues at all as the url string of jroller will ever look like some ordinary site and neither like an email nor like a blog site.

Let me see my luck… Have to import all the blog contents from wordpress though i do have an issue with FireFox in displaying the Unicode Fonts correctly, which has never been the case with IE!

Miles to go!!


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  2. Jessie on


    Nice Post!

  3. raghs on


    Welcome here.

    Thank you 🙂

  4. camelOne on

    Very nice this blog =)

  5. raghs on


    Welcome here!

    Sorry dint notice that this comment had got into spam!

    //Very nice this blog =)//

    Thank you!

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