Got my Internet connection..

Continuation my first and introductory post here, this particular one goes..

After a long struggle, got my Broadband connection from BSNL. So far seems to be good. But yet to get settle.. Just tested the connection with my brother’s laptop (which is comparatively slow in terms of resource as he is Textile guy and does not need to have much hi-fi terms in his lappie..).  The main factor preventing me to have in my PC is lack of motherboard CD to install the Ethernet Networking Drivers ;-(, which i gave it to one of my buddies a couple of years back and he is now settled in Germany.

 So have to get it done in my PC and then need to stabilize with the environment. Till then, please bear with me buddies. I know my inability to reply to most of the posts (especially the one on Ponnarasi’s Dad’s delayed B’day wish and many more.) Sorry Pons. Good feature of you is the limited-but-less-posts-in-regular-periods! Yes, i feel great about it and appreciate it. Shall get back to your posts soon. Not just Ponnarasi, many of my other regular blogging buddies, i may have to have a follow-up with yours as well..

In our office, blogspot pages were allowed for view/display but the comments sections were blocked. But then after sometime almost all pages/sites were mercilessly blocked. Not just blogging sites, email etc, almost all. Though i could agree with them about the fact of PRODUCTIVITGY sometimes it kills. Even for the technical sites (including my own), i may have to contact the system admin in office for the individual requests which is certainly an overhead in the due course of time. But, we need to understand the fact that compromise is an important factor in life you know.. so do I 🙂 

Have a great time buddies. Hope to come back in a shorter span!


14 comments so far

  1. Hemananthan on

    antha buddy in Germany is our own ‘kona-mona’ thaana.. I mean 19 😛

  2. raghs on

    egjactly da.. correct-aa kandupiduchitta..

    how are you doing dear? shall write up a detailed mail later da..

    Thank you!

  3. raghs on

    forgot to say that you rock as usual being the first person to comment! 😉

  4. Hemananthan on

    hehe.. that is becoz it is easier to leave a comment rather than post something… 🙂

  5. Prabhu on

    vaa da… net vandhuducha… kalaku… mathapadi eppadi poguthu ellam>?

  6. GK on

    vaada enna 2nd innings start pantiya :))

    inimel un aatam thaanga mudiyadhe [;)]
    ama palaya blog sites ellam ennachu..???

    naan en blog pakkam poiye masa kanakachu..

    matha padi eppadi podhu life?

  7. Ramesh on

    poda entered a long text but missed the mail and lost everything.

    nice, so we have catch Raghs frequently in NET now.. 🙂

    take care.. will call you this weekend.

  8. raghs on

    @ Prabhu,

    Yes boss. nothing spl.. as usual da.. same old life! 😉

  9. raghs on

    @ GK,

    naan onnum innnings start pandra alavukku peria aalu ellam illaeanga sir.. etho chinna paiyan chinna pulla thanama ethavathu senja undu.. neenga periavaa, periya manasu panni atha poruthalanum… 😉

    yes da.. if you had read my previous post to this (link given in the starting of this post) you would get to know.. trying to get them integrated with this except the kavithaikealungal as many buddies have bookmarked them da…

    life is as usual da… no change! 😉

  10. raghs on

    @ Ramesh,

    ha ha ha ha.. it happens da..sometimes whether its on the server or client i dont know i have experienced the at times i just do a Ctrl+c before submitting to avoid retyping 😉 neways, sorry about it..

    sure dear.. take care.. you can always catch me da.. 😉

  11. Ponnarasi.K on

    First of all, applause for the resurrection act! :p

    Second of all, Congrats on the new BB connection 😉

    How are you? hows life? Glad 2 c ur comment after a long time.
    Chat window maathiri use panreenga comments column 😛 Nalla iruku! Epdiyo blog usuroda iruntha seri… Kidding!

  12. Ponnarasi.K on

    And thanks for the wishes 🙂

  13. raghs on

    @ Ponnarasai K.

    Thanks to your wishes and Congrats! 😉

    Life is smooth and its on its usual track with no special changes!

  14. raghs on

    @ Ponnarasi,

    //Chat window maathiri use panreenga comments column //

    Did you mean to say/ask about this particular comments column of my blog?

    //Nalla iruku! //

    Thank you!

    //Epdiyo blog usuroda iruntha seri… Kidding!//

    He he he.. thats what i am trying to! 😉

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