100 rupees..

Just thought about a 100 rupees note present inside the money purse safely probably given by some of our close buddies on some occasions..

 Penned down the same as a poem in my kavithaikealungal blog!

 You can view it here.

Hope you may appreciate the reasons!


8 comments so far

  1. Mohan on

    Yov super ya.

    Keep writing ya.

  2. ramesh on

    nala sinthanai da…

    sirika vaithai… en edam erukum 3*100, 2*10 rupai notetukalai enni… 🙂

    different a eruka… good work pulavarae..

  3. raghs on

    @ Mohan,

    Mr Mohanarajan SR. Thank you 😉

    Peara maaththikkambiyaa… enna confuse panni viduviyaa?

  4. raghs on


    Nandri sir.

    I knew you would have laughed as usual ;-). So you have now 320 rupees with you! is it? 😉

  5. Arun on

    thala thala thaan.. good one da..

  6. Naren on

    Raghz..padichu katunga 😦 ..:-)

  7. raghs on


    //thala thala thaan.. good one da..//

    thalaiyo vaalo.. padichu purinjudhinna sari thaan.. sandhosam..

    Nandri da.. 😉

  8. raghs on


    //padichu katunga ..:-)//

    Yo man.. forgot!!

    Okay, please send your “ears” without “tears” and “fears”.

    I shall send you the translated english version over email to you dear!! 😉

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