IRCTC – new look and feel

Hello buddies,

  Today i just thought i can check the train tickets (from Bengaluroo to Singara Chennai) via IRCTC. All of a sudden when the page got opened i had two doubts

(i) whether the website had been blocked because of me browsing inside a corporate network – had it been such case, there would have been no wonders since its *not* a new thing!

(ii) whether i had typed the website url wrongly. since many times i happened to experience in seeing an unexpected website getting loaded because of some spelling mistakes (typo) in the URL. One good example is indiatimes website when i typed by swapping a single character as “”, there was a matching website for that pattern 🙂 It happened in the year 2002!

   But after looking at the contents of the page loaded, i happened to realize that the website look and feel had undergone a drastic change! soon after that realization, i just uttered “Cool..” (donno “Shivaji” effect or not.. sometimes it happens!). The site looks pretty cool and the efforts are appreciated towards the improvement. Obviously i felt very glad of having a change in the new apperance as it was so pleasant and not disgusting!!

   Really don’t know when they have migrated, probably i might have been late ;-). But just for your perusal, pasting the screenshots of the homepage and welcome page.

 Here is the Home Page..

irctc new look homepage

Here is the Welcome Page once your login attempt is successful…

irctc new look welcomepage

Whatever it be, “Change” is the “constant” term in the world! Right?

Lets welcome the change !!

Hope you too would like the new look if at all you use IRCTC 🙂

 But only one thing really have NOT changed is, still i am getting the same old famous message “unable to retrieve due to communication failure” for my searching of trains between stations………;-((((


9 comments so far

  1. Premkumar on

    Cool…. This one rocks

  2. raghs on

    Thanks prem..

    Which one is “that one”? blog or website? 🙂

  3. Ashvin Savani - arckid on


    I am bit lucky that I never got that communication error after new look of the website.

  4. raghs on


    Yeah possibly. I agree. Glad to hear 😉

    Thanks for dropping in dude.

  5. ravi on

    pls want find date which day we get trian ticket?

  6. raghs on


    welcome here. I don’t get you. Can you please rephrase your question?

  7. Bhanu Pratap on


    Thanks for posting such a great information on India railways, but I think the main issue with IRCTC is the REFUND.
    The refund policy is very bad, it may take more then 3-4 months even after many followups via emails and even send a written complaint to the GM of Indian Railways.. This is the only drawback, our Govt. should take some action and improve the refund policy so that customer do not face at least refund problem.

  8. sourav on

    thanks for informing a new iook of, irctc,,but pls solve fast our refund prblms

  9. yogendra on

    thank for inform and looking good

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