Please refrain from giving Birthday Bumps

bday boy having cake pieces applied on his face (google search)

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I got this message from one of my friend and found worth to share across…….Please read thru !!!

Please refrain from giving B’Day Bumps

For all of us, birthdays are a time for celebrations, parties and bonhomie. There’s cake to go around and we all love receiving gifts from our friends and family on our special day.

But something rather disturbing has come to my notice in the past few months. This was a rare scenario years earlier … but now the same seems to be a norm !!! A very hurtful and potential dangerous way to wish someone – with birthday bumps.

When giving someone a birthday bump, you are targeting one of the most sensitive parts – the Back.

Birthday Bumps – Witnessed anywhere always brings back one particular college memory of mine.

There was a colleague of mine in college who stood witness to one of such events at his 20 th Birthday in College. It was his last birthday on his legs – Standing …..

He has been bed ridden now … for almost 3 years …..

Courtesy : One Hard Blow at his back during one of the Birthday bumps ceremony and he is paralyzed in the lower part of his body for the rest of his life probably ( May God forbid)

So My Frnds ……Before you raise your leg to hit someone, remember that even a little margin of error can cause a lot of damage to the spinal cord. One wrong blow on a sensitive spot could prove to be fatal for the recipient.

So next time you’re tempted to use this method of wishing, it’s time to pause and think again.

Folks, why hurt someone on their special day?

I’d like to request all of you to be a little more considerate and celebrate this happy occasion without causing anyone any harm. Let’s make it a great day for our frnds – one they’ll remember for the right reasons.

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Courtesy: Thanks to my friends Archana Muralidharan and Viji Rajesh for keeping me in their mailing list through which I got to receive this information.

Whatever it is, I felt so happy after reading the post because of the following points:

  • I never get involved in these activities eventhough our college life was not an exception to these celebrations.

  • I do personally believe that ‘the Birthday is very special to every individual!’. So,why making them suffer on that auspicious day?

  • Despite getting involved in a little debate with the buddies who contend their ‘Birthday bumps’, got a conclusion that I could not change them definitely.

But I am sure this mail would indeed take a chance.

Please let all your buddies know about this and let’s have the celebrations for a REAL “Happy Birthday”!


15 comments so far

  1. Viji on

    Good that u posted in blog, so that everyone will be aware.. :))

  2. raghs on


    //Good that u posted in blog, so that everyone will be aware.. :))//

    Yes. That’s the sole purpose.

    Thank you!

  3. Archana Muralidharan on

    Thanks for posting it ma 🙂

  4. raghs on


    //Thanks for posting it ma :-)//

    My Pleasure.

  5. Arvind Leo Pereira on

    I Completely agree to this article, we must stop this practice, they are our friends, its a time to celebrate and not beat up the guy.

    • AMIT on

      What bro how to stop…. Can u explain ?

      I think still this practice is going vigorously. if I oppose. Bro we are friends. It happens.. One of my friend ( bit like abnormal ). He is getting tortured mentally and physically from last 2 years. Only I am a innocent fucker watching this bumps, tortured.. Location especially Bangalore.. But never touched me becoz knowing I don’t talk with most of them.

  6. raghs on


    Thanks for dropping by and sharing such wonderful words!

    Glad that you agree with me 😉


  7. shashi on

    i really agree to u da… this as to be followed..

  8. raghs on


    Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the delayed acknowledgment.

    Glad that you are in sync with the idea! 🙂 Keep it up!

  9. thomas smith on

    hello i hav geting birthday bumps since i was in year 4 and im in year 9 now< its nt on the back its on the arm. and my birthday is on 17 of june! it hurts like fuck and im small only 5 ft and it will be my 14th birthday,i want it to stop it hurts and when i all ways come home on my birthda from school i hav loads of bruces on my arms plzz help! 😦

  10. nagesh on

    Thank you for posting this blog.
    This happens in our office almost 2-3 times in a month
    when ever i see this happening i feel so sad about the person who should be happy on his special day.

    i was looking for an example who really had an injury, so that i can share it with all my colleagues. at least by reading this they will realize not to do this in future.

  11. Sagar on

    And dont remember not to cross the road between 9:00am to 9:30am during mornings as one of my friends met with an accident just during those hours….


  12. Anirban on

    Thanks for sharing this article, buddy..

  13. James on


  14. Shahroz on

    Don’t refrain but be careful. Accident me kitne log marte hai. Par kya gadi chalana chod de. Nai na. We should be careful. Thats all.

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