Hawar Resort Trip

    Last friday (26th of October 2007), we had an one day trip to Hawar Island  here in bahrain. Hawar Island is located 20 KM’s to the southeast of mainland of Bahrain. It was an anniversary recreation for all TCS guys here. As i am the odd man out in my office (LMRA), was invited and joined them. All i would say is it was an awesome trip and a great refreshment we had.

As the TCS employees were allowed to take their family people, some of them took. I just missed since i don’t have family here in bahrain 🙂 lol.. Lack of girlfriends too 🙂 Gotta improve!!

It was around an hour journey wherein first 20 minutes we travelled in bus from the hotel to a place called ‘Ad Dur Jetty’ where we boarded into the boat and from there on the journey in the boat took around 45 minutes.

We were told that we will be there for some 3-4 hours in the island and resort. I thought what would we gonna do within that time? But that was made false when we returned back. Within the allotted time, we bashed like anything in whatever possible ways and with the available resources.

When going in the boat towards island, we had ‘Anthaakshari’ (tamil, hindi, telugu and some arabic songs (!!) as well) amongst ourselves separated into two teams. It was all fun :). [Arabic was just prepared spontaneously by using the name of the malls, places, some junk words etc etc so as to  match theirs as none of us don’t know].

Soon after reaching the resort, they had a lucky draw for all the participants and the kids were asked to take. It was for two people who were given 10 BDs (Bahraini Dhinars). I was not in need of money yesterday you know! 🙂

(1) Cano Boat – This looked like very simple but thats true once you get its principle. Its like really a full life and its principles. You need to get adjusted yourself to the frequency of water (life) and you can’t rest for so long. After reaching a certain point of time, you may have to again start working yourself for reaching your goals.

(2) Jet Ski – was awesome and a thrilling experience. Felt very enchanting as if getting into the new world. I rehearsed vairamuthu’s ‘Thanneer Desam’ novel and imagined his lines about the sea during the whole journey. wow.. that was an mindblowing experience..

(3) Beach Buggy – Though it looked like an ordinary motor bike riding, it really needed a very good understanding and practice as the front tyre and handle bar were large enough. If you think you are riding a bike and tend to get support with ur legs, you cannot ride the bike at all. Also you need to push urselves back in a comfortable manner especially for the tall people without which handling the steering is pretty difficult. I have done these two mistakes till the time i got acquainted.

 Once nice comedy here. One of my teammates with whom i went for Jet Ski was very much scared of water and he could not ride well in the Jet Ski. Just before we booked the tickets for Beach Buggy, he was telling, “thannila thaan ennala onnum panna mudiyala.. tharaila paarunga annan veeratha” nnu. [I could not do anything in the water, but you see my power in the ground]. I thought he would really excel and do a fabulous job. But i saw one another person who was very much struggling in the beach  buggy and he could not succeed at all. I got to know this after sometime once i was steady. It was  none other than the same guy who was bellowing. Laughed out loudly after coming out and sharing this with other colleagues as well.

(4) Water Sliding – This was a fantabulous experience. I have seen this in movies but have not tried. A  beautiful exercise as well. Moreover when you travel over the path and at times when you cant bend your body to the speed of water, here and there in the walls  you hit, the little pain you get, the moment you expect when the traversal would finish, soon after you come down and jump into the pool.. words can’t just delineate.. it was all open for the wh0le passage. heard that some other places it would be totally covered. Leaving it to you to imagine yourself about the closed passage.

(5) Swimming pool – Same old. Just reminded me of the last year (31 July 2007) get together of our BE classmates which we had in the place called Anekal in Bangalore outskirts. Just were playing with the ball and making fun.

After returning from the swimmig pool, was supposed to face the same old incident which sometimes happens to me. missing something in the tour! ouch.. soon after coming out of the pool and i took all the belongings, forget to take my spex as it was not there. All the other belongings were kept safe in the same place but somehow it was missing. Once changed the dress, remembered and went back and searched and atlast found it missing successfully! Thought, “incident++”;. But somehow it was not as expected! :). One of the manager’s wife had seen it and kept it safely by thinking that it would be of any of our guys’s. Got to know that once i went back and enquired the crowd. Thank god! 🙂

On the way back, the sunset was so beautiful and almost around 10 cameras were busy and kept engaged in taking the sun, sea combination at various angles. The moment sun disappeared and the moon appeared on the other end was awesome! :). As compared to the earlier climate, nowadays its going in a reverse direction and you won’t believe by the time we got down it was around 5.30 PM and it was totally dark everywhere!

Felt very much tired and bcos of which got a great sleep as well. 

Hope you found it interesting to read! 🙂

The links to the snaps are shared here.  “HawarResortTripSet1“,  “HawarResortTripSet2” and “HawarResortTripSet3


6 comments so far

  1. pria on

    That looks like a lot of fun and nice pics out ther.

  2. raghs on


    //That looks like a lot of fun and nice pics out ther.//

    Yes, very much! Thank you 🙂

  3. sumathi on

    Hai Ragav,

    enaku ungalai paathaal pora ai yaa iruku. mmm yen theriyumaa, pinna nalla nalla iduathuku ellam poi enjoy parenngaley, adula vera family illa, aparam g frnd illainu vera solreenga. idulam jasti thaan. aamaam. any how nice snaps, and i too enjoyd the place tro ur potos.tx.

  4. raghs on


    //enaku ungalai paathaal pora ai yaa iruku. mmm yen theriyumaa, pinna nalla nalla iduathuku ellam poi enjoy parenngaley, //

    aaha…. neways enna paathum poraamai padurathukku oruthar irukkaangaleannu santhosa paduraen 🙂 vera enna seiya solreenga? ha ha ha….

    //adula vera family illa, aparam g frnd illainu vera solreenga. idulam jasti thaan. aamaam//

    pal irukkaravanga pakkoda saapidaraanga.. illandhavanga paavamaa paathukkitu thaana nikkanum [enna maadhri :)]

    //any how nice snaps, and i too enjoyd the place tro ur potos.tx.//

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Vidya on

    Continue having a blast! 🙂

  6. raghs on


    //Continue having a blast! //

    Thank you. Hope you are able to spare sometime out of your busy schedules on a vacation 🙂

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