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utilities to recover the shift deleted files

All of a sudden you encounter a situation wherein you either knowingly or unknowingly but unfortunately happened to lose some of your files in the OS permanently. I could have better named it as ‘permanently deleted files’ rather than ‘shift deleted files’. But just to match with the naive user’s search query, i have termed it as such! That’s how generally people may search for it.

Day before yesterday one of my buddies faced a scenario and was feeling bad that he had lost his 6 hours of work because of an accidental shift+delete by his colleague.Not to blame anyone but the situation, he had not have the back up of the files as well. Suddenly i remembered that a couple of years back one of my ex-colleagues had sent a mail about such software utility but it was mainly to recover the mails from Microsoft Outlook exchange doing something with Registry.

With the thought, i had mailed my buddies and asked for a solution if they had also faced this situation. A couple of good responses i have got. Just Listing them here. Hope it would be of some use to the people in need! It is mainly for Windows OS as my requirement was for that.

Prior to this mailing attempt, got suggested by my colleage about one utility called ‘GetDataBack’. What a beautiful name? 🙂 You would never forget it! But as it was a shareware(!), i was able to just see the list of files got deleted but could not proceed further in retrieving the files as it was saying “copying of files is only allowed in premium edition” :). 

NOTE: Please make use at your own risk. Kindly go through the notes/documentation given in the software/crack.

Here you go….

(i) Please try this link for getting the deleted files.

(ii) [FAT system]


(iv) try the software ‘undelete’..definitely it helps..i have recovered many files using it myself..espicially .jpg and .txt java code resides on repository..i hope he lost it before commit:)

well, windows xp with FAT? first he should change to NTFS..
btw, how did he delete it? using a tool like eclipse? or from explorer?


(vi) I think i have used recovermyfiles.exe… i think its available in the net.. u can download and try..

(vii) [I got it through Google webclip when i was replying to this mail thread!]

(vii) Get data back , Data recovery [names of the software]

(viii) As i do not have a portable media, I am giving you the link from where it can be downloaded. Before installation disable Internet connection and Anti virus Programs because we use a Key gen to activate the software.

This gives a success rate of 65% for all the files. This is not file recovery software. It recovers Entire partition. So make sure u select the appropriate file types you want to recover in order to speed up the process. It works well for all the types of windows file systems.

Please do share this with all the folks you know.

Password :

(ix) Caution:HI.. anna.. One needs to be very careful in trying such tools… for recovring the deleted files…..
Most of the time it leads to HD Crash… i have lost 2 @ home… while recovering my dads account files….
Beware… n take care too!

All the very best! 🙂

I thank all my  buddies who have responded in time! 🙂



completing 2 months here

Ouch.. as some one else (i think its Ponnarasi) told here, i think its time for a next blog! as its been sometime i posted! though i thought of some good title, but dint get any good one so left this as such!

 As of now, completing 2 months here (Sep18-Oct18-Nov18) :). Life as such in a good improvement phase. Only this week i would say i have been doing some little good work in the official front whereas till now have been doing some monotonous routine!

 One good thing to mention is the Amnesty carried out in the office where i work (LMRA – Labour Market Regulatory  Authority)! Being the initiators of it, they do a real good job. Whoever is working under an illegal work permit or who don’t have a proper sponsor, they can just go and report to these people (LMRA) and they themselves help you to get back to your country with a free ticket! Its all for a good cause and to stabilize their statistics and work culture so that they will maintain a good track record of labours!

The website is a portal but still you can direclty get into the statistics here if you are interested! You would get the recently updated information.

 The climate has come to the opposite extreme nowadays. Its not at all hot and it becomes pretty dark by 5 PM itself. I feel as if its around 8 or 9 PM :lol.

To those whom i missed to update, i have started writing a story in this month. Its called ‘Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal’ and obviously in my mother tongue ‘Tamil’.

The impact on this is the official working hours has been extended till 9 PM for the LMRA staff which was previously till 2 PM only. Though those people work on shifts, we don’t! Moreover doing a production deployment on a weekly basis have to slog till 11 PM 🙂 Anyways, its a part of life!

As such, these are the information.. Rest in next…

Chalo..  C u all l8r….

diwali in bahrain

Well, for the first time happen to celebrate ‘Diwali’ at abroad (in Bahrain). I would say it was as the way anyone would expect without any real celebrations.

Though many of my friends were asking about the availability of crackers here, was unable to answer them by then. Later came to know that here its kinda banned. Happened to hear from some of my TCS colleagues who are here for a couple of years that you can’t fire the crackers outside (public)!

Then i have got 2 questions..

(1) Then what’s the point of making it avaiable?

(2) If not outside means, should we have it inside the home or what?

But i have not seen any crackers being sold here! Crackers apart, no other symptoms as well. Basically being a Muslim country would be a predominant factor!

From my own end, happened to rush in the last minute (yesterday) evening to a mall here (Jeant) with one of my colleagues and managed to get a shirt and pant from Scullers and one shirt from Indigo Nation which i blindly liked! 🙂

As suggested by one of my colleagues (Rajasekar M) to prepare keasari (sweet rava, can i call it in english?) had to buy so many ingredients except the ghee and sugar! As was not in a mood to cook, went outside to a hotel (Kushboo Idli Kadai:)) and finished my dinner! On the way to the nearby grocery mall, saw another shop having good t-shirt collections. Went inside and purchased 4 T-shirts too 🙂

Since the t-shirt selection process swallowed ample time, had been running here and there to get the ingredients in the mall as they were about to close!! Except the Kesari Powder (Saffron powder), got everything! My roomies were pulling my legs and asking whether am in a full festival mood or not. Perhaps i had been i guess! 😛 Admitted the fact.

Got up early in the morning (not just because of diwali but regular lunch preparation + today’s diwali spl keasari) and managed to do all. Somehow the keasari came well (thank god! it was my maiden effort) except a little more sugar could have helped it to be too tasty! But it was definitely ‘eatable’ not just ‘touchable’ 🙂 Distributed to all my colleagues also here!

One good thing is that today bcos of diwali, the cell phone service providers gave some extra amount of talk time in the calling cards which was about 4 minutes surplus than that of regular. (today 26 minutes per 1 BD calling card). Though i was wondering in the morning soon after i heard about the increased talktime, dint care to bother much. In the evening, an sms confirmed the same!

One bad thing was that the lines to India were almostttt busy and had beeeeeennnn trying since morning for so long to get the line connected! :(.

Apart from that, no difference from the regular working day here! 🙂

One funny part was in my orkut profile today it was showing, “Today’s fortune: you are going to have some new clothes!”. Lol 🙂

Hope all of you had a very good diwali celebrations…

Happy Diwali

Dear Friends,   

Wishing you all a Very Happy Diwali in advance!

Happy Diwali  

A set of poems for diwali has been blogged at my other blog kavithaikealungal.

A small information about Deepavali is given in the below image. Hope you may find it useful (if you don’t know earlier). Courtesy: My friend Archana Muralidharan for sharing this through an email.

Deepavali - Small Information

Have a safe diwali too! 🙂