A Boss is always a boss

Just for a quick refreshment..

A Boss is a boss is a boss is a boss 🙂

Boss Is Always Boss



6 comments so far

  1. shals88 on

    Lol 😀 When I grow up I hope not to be a boss of that kind 🙂

  2. raghs on


    Thank you Shalini. Good to see the impact the pic created in you 🙂 Best wishes…..

  3. Pragya on

    well the picture u kept according to the caption: Boss is Always boss” is perfect one. well According to me A boss should have a attutude a positive attitude towards his employee .

  4. raghs on


    Welcome here 🙂

    Thank you for the comments.

    Yes you are very true! 🙂

  5. Inba on

    Raghs anna,

    This reflects the same thot of an article in my blog which i had posted long back !!



  6. raghs on


    Yes sir 🙂 very much.. we have to live with it until we step into it 🙂 Is it? 😛

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