The day i am exhilarated

Feel like penning down as some of my efforts are appreciated from an author of a great book. It is on 13Jan2008 but by the time i blog it somehow becomes the next day :(.

The contribution is of course subtle which was to explain the concepts of Garbage Collection in a pictorial manner for the program posted by an user asking his doubts.

The appreciation came from Bert Bates who is one of the authors of Sun Certified Java Programmer & Developer for Java 2 (and Java 5), Head First Java, Head First Servlets & JSP. The authors Kathy Seirra and Bert Bates are in short known as “K & B” in the ranch.

Just felt like sharing this 🙂 As usual, a screenshot is attached 😛

Bert Bates appreciatoin in javaranch -13jan08 (gc images)

If any one is interested in looking for the images i have drawn, you may please go here for the thread that discusses about how many objects will be eligible for garbage collection?

Soon will update it in my technical blog with complete information 🙂

 Way to go Raghs…!


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