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A request to fellow bloggers

I think this very well deserves to be a post!!

I have been intimated in the comments either for having been given an award or tagged. Some samples are below.

Shalini’s Award ->

Pria’s Tag ->

I am sure neither me nor the individuals can easily track the post and its url now. Not just to divert the responsbility but a sincere request. As i could not immediately take it up by then, now i feel something is lacking! 😦

I would definitely thank you for having considered me :P, but it would indeed be of much help if the individuals just take a little effort to just paste the corresponding URL as well :).

Hope you agree with me. If you are game, kindly follow the same henceforth! 🙂


TN text books in pdf format

Dear All…..
    Pls  pass on this information to your friends / neighbors… whose children are studying in the Stateboards.
    I think sometimes we are indirectly helping to someone like this.  Now the Tamil Nadu State board books are online in PDF and downloadable. From Std 1 to Std 12. All subjects…
  Any GOOD hearted person can print this material & handover to some Poor people.

  This one another good link you can have a look at : TDILTechnology Development for Indian Languages ->

Courtesy: Thanks to my friends for sharing this information through email! 🙂 

Kids too much

A boss wondered why one of his most valued employees had phoned in sick one day.                                                               
Having an urgent problem with one of the main computers, he dialled the employee’s home phone number and was greeted with a child’s whisper.       
 “Is your daddy home?” he asked.                                            
 “Yes,” whispered the small voice.                                          
 “May I talk with him?”                                                     
 The child whispered, “No.”                                                 
 Surprised and wanting to talk with an adult, the boss asked, “Is your Mummy there?”                                                                                                                                          
 “May I talk with her?”                                                     
 Again the small voice whispered, “No.”                                     
 Hoping there was somebody with whom he could leave a message, the boss asked,  “Is anybody else there?”                                           
 “Yes,” whispered the child, “a policeman.”                                 
 Wondering what a cop would be doing at his employee’s home, the boss asked,  “May I speak with the policeman?”                                  
 “No, he’s busy”, whispered the child.                                      
 “Busy doing what?”                                                         
 “Talking to Mummy and Daddy and the Fireman,” came the whispered answer.   
 Growing more worried as he heard what sounded like a helicopter through the earpiece on the phone, the boss asked, “What is that noise?”           
 “A hello-copper” answered the whispering voice.                            
 “What is going on there?” demanded the boss, now truly apprehensive.
 Again, whispering, the child answered, “The search team just landed the hello-copper.”                                                                                                                                         
 Alarmed, concerned and a little frustrated the boss asked, “What are they searching for?”                                                                                                                                        
 Still whispering, the young voice replied with a muffled giggle:           
 “ME.” 😛
Courtesy: Thanks to my colleague Sreejith Menon for sharing this through an email 🙂

win 2 free ebooks everyday

Hello Techies 😛

 This is one good news for the tech savvies.. today only got to know this link in JavaRanch. This is about the free e-books given every day based on the random selection out of all participants registered in a well known publisher..  They are mostly into Java, J2EE, XML related books – just fyi.

  For more info, visit this url:

 All what you need to do is, just enter your first name and email address. Thats all! 🙂

  Note: This happens only from April 17 to 30, 2008! so rush up… 🙂 If you are a lucky winner, just share the glad news with me here 😛