win 2 free ebooks everyday

Hello Techies 😛

 This is one good news for the tech savvies.. today only got to know this link in JavaRanch. This is about the free e-books given every day based on the random selection out of all participants registered in a well known publisher..  They are mostly into Java, J2EE, XML related books – just fyi.

  For more info, visit this url:

 All what you need to do is, just enter your first name and email address. Thats all! 🙂

  Note: This happens only from April 17 to 30, 2008! so rush up… 🙂 If you are a lucky winner, just share the glad news with me here 😛


16 comments so far

  1. Pria on

    Not bad at all.

  2. raghs on

    whats this comment? 😛

  3. Archana Muralidharan on

    Useful information. I have registered .Thanks 🙂

  4. raghs on


    I know! Glad that you found it useful 🙂 My pleasure da.. dont forget to let me know if you get some books. he hee..

  5. Ramya on


  6. raghs on


    welcome here 🙂 thanks for the test msg! 😛

  7. chandra bhatt on

    Nice to know!!!

  8. Afser on

    Hey, thanks for the info…..
    Keep up the good work….

  9. Vidhya.R on

    Thanks for sharing !

  10. Rani on

    Looks GooD!!

  11. raghs on

    @chandra bhatt,

    welcome here dude 🙂 thank you and good luck!

  12. raghs on


    Welcome here and thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    //Hey, thanks for the info…..
    Keep up the good work….//

    My pleasure.. Good luck to you!

  13. raghs on

    @vidhya R,

    My pleasure! 🙂 Good luck !!

  14. raghs on


    Welcome here! 🙂

    //Looks GooD!!//

    Is this for blog or the contest? 😛 thanks for dropping by! best of luck to you..

  15. Ramanujam on

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  16. raghs on


    Welcome here! 🙂 how are you doing??

    My pleasure da:)

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