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feeling fresh?

I am sure all of us would have passed this phase with no good reason or with some special reason deserving your feeling fresh mood!

Today i do feel so. Well, it is just nothing but my office PC has been given a rebirth. Sounds confusing? It is formatted and the OS has been reinstalled! :). Not just today, i do have this feeling whenever i happen to encounter this scenario. Perhaps the reason could have been the efforts taken to prevent this to occur and updating your antivirus, taking backup of your data etc.,

A new life you get after a long struggle…?

Everytime we do format your PC and reinstall your OS, mostly we tend to take some oaths as follows:

# Should install only the required software

# Should not keep/store the video/movie files in PC as they occupy more space

# Should keep the contents well organized

# More importantly, should keep my desktop clean! (lol, it deserves a special attention as i am sure most of us are bound to break this golden rule. Aint I? :)).

# Should update my anti virus frequently

# Should scan the files before i get them from any external media.

Well , the list could go on. I have something else as well. Right from beginning you got to take your backed up contents, installing the software, configuration, customization etc. During installation, there are chances you get a newer version which you might not have been really thinking of before the fresh start!

One such kind is the installation of SeaMonkeybrowser which i happened to see it in my roomie’s laptop and he installed it in his Ubuntu. It was nice enough and it insisted me to try as the Firefox 3 beta was very slow and poor. Really don’t know why but somehow firefox made me feel bad of it! :(.

The SeaMonkey is also from Mozilla but it looks so cool. Also have found out some more interesting information which i could post later.

i have also tried out downloading Ubuntu for the first time and installed it successfully using VMWare in my Windows XP.

Whatever it is, i am feeling fresh today! Aren’t you? 🙂

somehow, it is my 75th post here! 🙂 — yet another reason to feel fresh!? lol! 😛 Thanks to the new and improved WordPress administration, it shows the count in the dashboard once you login!

Wish you too have a “fresh time” ahead buddies!!