feeling fresh?

I am sure all of us would have passed this phase with no good reason or with some special reason deserving your feeling fresh mood!

Today i do feel so. Well, it is just nothing but my office PC has been given a rebirth. Sounds confusing? It is formatted and the OS has been reinstalled! :). Not just today, i do have this feeling whenever i happen to encounter this scenario. Perhaps the reason could have been the efforts taken to prevent this to occur and updating your antivirus, taking backup of your data etc.,

A new life you get after a long struggle…?

Everytime we do format your PC and reinstall your OS, mostly we tend to take some oaths as follows:

# Should install only the required software

# Should not keep/store the video/movie files in PC as they occupy more space

# Should keep the contents well organized

# More importantly, should keep my desktop clean! (lol, it deserves a special attention as i am sure most of us are bound to break this golden rule. Aint I? :)).

# Should update my anti virus frequently

# Should scan the files before i get them from any external media.

Well , the list could go on. I have something else as well. Right from beginning you got to take your backed up contents, installing the software, configuration, customization etc. During installation, there are chances you get a newer version which you might not have been really thinking of before the fresh start!

One such kind is the installation of SeaMonkeybrowser which i happened to see it in my roomie’s laptop and he installed it in his Ubuntu. It was nice enough and it insisted me to try as the Firefox 3 beta was very slow and poor. Really don’t know why but somehow firefox made me feel bad of it! :(.

The SeaMonkey is also from Mozilla but it looks so cool. Also have found out some more interesting information which i could post later.

i have also tried out downloading Ubuntu for the first time and installed it successfully using VMWare in my Windows XP.

Whatever it is, i am feeling fresh today! Aren’t you? 🙂

somehow, it is my 75th post here! 🙂 — yet another reason to feel fresh!? lol! 😛 Thanks to the new and improved WordPress administration, it shows the count in the dashboard once you login!

Wish you too have a “fresh time” ahead buddies!!


6 comments so far

  1. meenu on

    HEY CONGRATS FOR THE 75TH POST.. Well, this is one best reason to feel glad and feel fresh …
    As for the PC stuff- reinstalling, formatting all makes us surely feel happy that now on our PC ll be great 🙂
    Yes I agree with Ur points too esp. the desktop and the organized files 🙂 absolutely true they remain a forgotten promise always!
    Remain fresh as today … always ..

  2. Jeevan on

    I get that feel many times, in what u said in PC which most of the time reinstallation is often with my old system. But last year the fresh feeling was more when working in my new PC. I really saw a great difference when hoping from Win98 to XP with no idea how it will work… too fast to my expectation.

    Congrats buddy and I wish u too for feeling fresh. Nice to see u in online 🙂

  3. raghs on


    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

    yes you are right absolutely.. the sense of freshness it gives,.. too good and you got to enjoy within 🙂

    You too stay fresh meenu 🙂

  4. raghs on


    ha ha.. Old Vs New.. no matter what the feelings remain the same.. Aint I?

    Thanks Jeevan. That was my pleasure and it was indeed nice talking to you! 🙂

  5. archu on

    hey raghs wats tat interesting stuff abt seamonkey? am curious

  6. raghs on


    welcome back after a long time.. of course me too :). What was it? ouch.. i think i forgot. have to look back and tell you 🙂

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