completing 8 months here

As of today 18 May 2008, i am completing 8 months of my stay in bahrain. I really wonder and don’t know how months are getting passed. One good difference what i feel from my TCS colleagues here is for all of them it is the reverse as they equate the months to years whereas for me it is in the reverse as months are like weeks :).

Yes, the first onsite always has some moments to ponder, memories to cherish, values to add :). Though i am yet to post the part 2 of the post describing the lifestyle here (previously i have posted “Life in Bahrain“), i just thought i can quickly post this as it may not be possible to finish that post within today!

Soon i would be going back to India.. 🙂



6 comments so far

  1. pria on

    Good for u Raghs and u learn when you are away isn’t it. I mean different culture and what life is in another Country.

    Good Luck.

  2. raghs on


    Thanks Pria. Yes, very true.

    Everyday in life has something to teach us. 🙂

  3. Jeevan on

    Time runs faster… minutes as seconds. Looking for the 2nd part life in Bahrain, will check ur last part later ok 🙂

  4. meenu on

    great ..
    well no wonder u feel that months are like weeks for good moments always seem to be small /short !:)
    take care
    enjoy !

  5. raghs on


    Thanks Jeevan. yes, its about to get over 🙂

  6. raghs on


    Thank you Meenu.. days are really flying like anything….

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