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Hey buddies,

Its been a weeks time I came back to Bangalore from Bahrain. Of course was about to write one post about ‘life in bahrain’. But had been quite busy with the KT and handover stuff. Let me see how soon i could finish that off! 🙂

As such completed 9 months over there and back to India. Could see many changes (improvements rather) here. Getting settleddddd….



4 comments so far

  1. archu on

    hey.. u back to india?
    let me know ur number..

  2. sumathi on

    Hi, what is this? Im regular visiter of ur blog may be some time late, so no comnts . after ur visit im scrabing you in orkut also. so expecting ur next interesting post soon.

  3. raghs on


    yes, i am back :). I have called you..check your ‘Received calls’ in mobile pls 🙂

  4. raghs on


    thanks. but of late you were so busy i guess 🙂 surely would come with an interesting post 😛

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