Happy Teacher’s Day

Recently i have been getting some comments for the same post i have blogged last year and of course it reminded me to blog this year as well.

I would say, i somehow feel happy and delighted on this day every year “September 5th” even before i took up the teaching profession officially. Perhaps it would have been from the way we were brought up i believe. The incidents we experience are also worthwhile. The value of ‘teachers’ — the invaluable and inseparable entities of every individual’s life who was fortunate enough to get educated.

Nothing more to bore you, here as usual I recollect all the sweet memories spent in school, colleges and the nice conglomeration of all incidents we shared with teachers! I thank you all my beloved teachers for having been a wonderful source of inspiration and a great cause of my present situation.

I take this moment to wish all the teachers in the world  a very Happy Teacher’s Day today! 🙂 May your service continue and enlighten many more pupils :)!



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  1. pranathi srinivasan on

    Oh at last, here is a post on Teachers’ day!
    Not many remember them though, thanks for doing that!
    I still remember my first teacher at nursery school, who had a big bindi and a warm smile, I have kept in touch with her all my life. and never to forget one’s first teacher at home, mom:-)

  2. Vidya on

    Ohhh gosh!! I totally forgot Teacher’s day. Thank you for reminding!!


  3. raghs on

    @pranathi srinivasan,

    welcome here and thanks for dropping by!

    yes, well said and you seemed to have agreed with my sayings.. nice to hear that!! you were absolutely right on your wordings about the few people remember the teachers!

  4. raghs on


    after a long time.. hope you are fine 🙂

    its my pleasure in doing so 🙂

  5. afghanzada on

    one night moon asked me if she make you cry why you dont leave her ;i looked back at the moon and said would you ever leave your sky
    i miss you

  6. shamimbanu on

    Wish you happy teachers day

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