by this time last year

To be frank and honest, is this moment a much awaited one? Yes and No 🙂 The reason being its one such day (17 September 2007 Monday) last year i was very busy purchasing and packing for my very first onsite trip to bahrain! Infact as usual I thought of blogging the splendid mixture of all those incidents happened soon after reaching bahrain but somehow it was missed! Thinking shall I do it now so that i can just test how much my so called memory is afresh which has been one of my admirable aspects!

18 September 2007 – Tuesday was the day I landed in Bahrain! And I am sure i had been thinking of this day somehow for quite a long time. May be to analyze how much changes I have undergone and experienced in an year! 😛

Can we have this as a tag? I leave it to the fellow bloggers whoever happens to read this can take it up and scribble few things which they could recollect on the same day last year happened in their life — provided they are interested 🙂

Well, let me post the blog on my previous year experiences on this day last year a little later on a separate post!:) Though i feel like i should do it today itself, kinda feeling exhausted after a tiring day’s work at office! 🙂 The post might be lengthy as the way the narration goes!


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