A talk on Jakarta Digester

BOJUGBangalore Open Java User Group, a group formed and maintained by young Java aspirants who reside in Bangalore as the name indicates. I came to know about this group in BarCamp in the year 2007 (Barcamp meet at IIMB, Bangalore) and from then on there used to be a regular meeting every month.

As I was onsite (Bahrain) for a couple of months could not join till then. This time (Sep 08) had opted to give a talk on ‘Jakarta Digester‘ – an open source XML to Java Mapping tool from Jakarta Commons. Recently the venue has been changed to ThoughtWorks in Diamond District Building in the Airport Road. This time the meet was on 27th September 2008 Saturday and at 1130 AM IST.

The Thoughtworks building and the environment itself is worth mentioning. Awesome it was :).

The session was started exactly at 1130 AM and I happened to join a bit late :(. There were 3 topics discussed.

1. Web Application Sharing /Clustering in Tomcat – by Sriram Narayanan, a thoughtworks’ employee.

2. IBatis and ICG (Integrated Code Generator) by Sathishkumar Thiyagarajan, a Starmarks employee (Of course my good friend and BE classmate).

3. Jakarta Digester — none other than me :).

Sriram’s session was quite informative as he talked about various aspects of Clustering, load balancing and what it means to different people, how can we achieve the same using Apache Tomcat, Connector Architecture etc with some samples and Demo. It was awesome but a bit exhaustive. He could not complete as planned as others were in queue. In the middle he asked me to give a talk on ‘IPAnycasting’ as i spoke about it since the topic he covered (LoadBalancing) seemed to be related to or even a mimic of IPAnycasting. A point to mention here is, I have done my final year BE project based on that IPAnyCasting :). But I could not speak about because of lack of time. Perhaps, may give a talk in the future meets.

IBatis – basically an ORM tool was neatly handled by Sathish. But he concentrated more into his own project ICG (Integrated Code Generator) which is a platform that provides a single place to give your inputs irrespective of underlying persistence framework being used (be it Hibernate, Ibatis, Toplink etc to name a few). It is a very good initiative and he gave a small demo on the same.

Jakarta Digester – I started off with the intro of XML and its usage, the need to have a XML-Java converter, what Jakarta Digester is and how we can go ahead with converting the same, the pros and cons of using Jakarta Digester. Of course had done with a demo application and walked through it :).

The information about Jakarta Digester will be posted in my technical blog and linked here a little later.

Overall, It was a nice experience and a good day!



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