An Atrocity from Citibank

I do keep facing atrocities at various parts and with few people at times! Its just one sample to describe.

There exists a facility called ‘Ready Credit‘ from Citibank which the bank offers to certain (valued added — they say) customers based on the level of usage, salary credit, funds maintained etc., I have used this facility once and of course I am thankful to citibank for the same. The situation was, when I have given a cheque to ING Vysya bank and they did NOT process it on time but they did it on the next month for 2 cheques altogether. Being the very first month I did not keep a track and the next month there was a shortage for two cheques at the same time! ;(. By then Citibank did really help me by pulling out some money from the so called Ready Credit account and they honored the cheque as well as preventing a black mark on my transaction history. Hats Off! The very next day I paid them back the money with the applicable interest (it was Rs. 10/- i guess). This happened in last year (July 2007).

Today I happened to receive the Suvidha Account Statement via email (which I have opted for). As I do check my account everyday (the helping stuff I do insist me to check and acknowledge me promptly the individual volunteers for their contribution), I thought of skipping it. But somehow there was an instinct to just glimpse! I was just browsing through as all were known transactions until the last few which triggered me. It was like ‘Education Cess 2%, Service Charge 10%’. I was surprised and shocked to see such entries as I have NOT done any such transactions. I found out later that these 2 charges for the ‘Citibank Ready Credit Account Charges‘ which was Rs. 750/- and the Service Charge for the same is Rs.90/– plus the Education Cess was Rs.2.10/ which is altogether Rs. 842/-. Isnt it a good/big sum? All happened without my knowledge:(.

The ultimate ATROCITY was all these happened albeit I rejected for the same on all the 3 calls in last month from Citibank executives asking for the same Ready Credit Account!

Immediately called up the Customer Care and asked for the clarification. With no feelings, he just apologized for the same – at the max what he could do being an employee of citibank! He said that he will ensure the same does NOT repeat again in future. But he could not proceed further when I replied him back for the same saying, “this is the 3rd time I face such thing with citibank but with various aspects”! 😦 He does NOT have answer for my query stating, “Does Citibank look the money from customers like this?“! Moreover, he said the money would be credited back to my account within 13th of this month. I have to wait for 3 more days.Huh?

I just asked, “When you have an Auto Debit System” why not you have an “Auto Credit System?”. Again no answer! :(. Moreover “If I had used the money from bank and give it back after few days, would not the bank levy some interest towards the amount? “. Here my money was blocked for about 13 days (if at all it gets credited within 13th of this month as promised) and there is NO interest for the same! — Again no answer/reciprocation and I was just left with my own satisfaction of having asked! That’s it!

I had already one such scenario in the year 2006 wherein I just happened to find out that there was an auto debit of Rs. 13,000 or so. Obviously wondering and shocked to see that, had to call up the customer care from the ATM Centre itself (opposite to KPN Travels, Madiwala, Bangalore) and it was extended 4,5 times to various divisions but no one had the proper answer for the sudden auto debit. Later it got escalated to the Head Office, Chennai and a person named ‘Ashok’ who took it up and asked for 2 days time to investigate. He got back to me saying that it was not just mine but almost all the employees of my company. It was all because the main reason for the auto debit was one transaction entry in our salary account and that was entered as ‘Salary Credit‘ instead of ‘Reimbursement‘ for the claims we do every month. No doubt, the claims would be very less compared to the salary and there the discrepancy. But I had no answer for my query, “Would not there be any sense to detect the sudden decrease of salary and how come there would be two salary credits on a single month?”. As we do have two salaries – one is the base component gets credited on the last day of the month and the other – the flexible credit for reimbursements which happens on the 10th of the same month. But NO proper answer because it was all done on a dumb terminal with which they just get escaped — “System“! Thank god, I just noticed it a littler earlier before one of my cheques to a friend was processed. otherwise it would have got bounced 😦  All because of this barbarity from my employer and the Citibank with no fault of mine! :(. After all the issues are sorted out, I had to wait for more than a weeks’ time to get back my own money  with NO interest! Same answer for the question asking would the bank simply accept the principal alone? — Silence was the answer I was given!

I do understand that “If at all something is destined to happen, no matter what we would face”. But still, there should be a limit/extent to which our candidature can be considered. For no fault of us, it keeps going and growing! What else I would better call this, except “Atrocity“!?

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  1. Vivek Juenja on

    Hi Rags,

    I am seriously worried about how MNCs have taken Indian people for granted. But i guess the problem is not with them, its with us. We have a laid back attitude to our choices. Our choices are not governed by what we really want, but by how cheap and easy we can get something.
    Why the neighbourhood Restaurants run full house inspite of their bad attitude to their customers, Why we still ride the auto that asks for 20 rs. extra, and endless such stories. All such stories have their roots in how we Indians perceive the world around it. What we really want is how cheap the shopkeeper can sell me the stuff i want, or if i cannot get that, what is the better alternative for it. All in terms of the price. Its like we have a sub-conscious process in our heads waiting to sort all items, all goods in ascending order of their prices.
    Its time, we realize to stop putting a high price on our expectations on quality. High price on the right attitude, High price on our values, and let these be the ones we look out for. As its famously said “Free is a better price than Cheap”

  2. raghs on


    Welcome here 🙂 and thank you for sharing your views!

    I agree to most of the stuff what you have said. But I don’t quite get the relevance to this post!

    Do you mean to say that, I should not have opted for Citibank in first place?

    //As its famously said “Free is a better price than Cheap”//
    All what could I get is you have somehow ended up in using your GTalk Status here 😛 lol..

  3. Manoj on

    The sad thing about all these issues/atrocities are Lack of Awareness.

    As my friend rag says that even when we call Customer Care they they dont consider it as a big deal. Because in their opinion these small amount (in their opinion) are negligible and can be affordable for premium customers. Most of the organizations [especially MNCs] feel that premium services can be availed only at high prices.

    There is nothing wrong in charging extra but its their responsibility to bring it to the customer and highlight them in an appropriate manner. So that it will not lead to any confusion and frustration.

    More clarity in the transaction always lead to more happiness and more business…its a simple truth.

  4. raghs on


    Welcome here and thanks for sharing your views 🙂

    //Most of the organizations [especially MNCs] feel that premium services can be availed only at high prices.//

    Though I am not very sure and its not confirmed, I do very well agree as having been the victim for the scenarios!!

    //its their responsibility to bring it to the customer and highlight them in an appropriate manner. So that it will not lead to any confusion and frustration.//

    Well said but they DON’T DO. Thats the confusion! :(!


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