Damn Happy at the moment

How many of you (us) capture, save, cherish the moments and momentary occasions? I am glad to say that I fall in that category.

I would like to say I am damn happy at the moment because of having bought one Audio CD that contains one of my most favorite songs in the movie ‘Dhinandhorum‘ [casting: Murali, Suvalakshmi and Directed by Nagaraj, released in Feb 1998]. The reason being all my efforts in searching for the song in the music portals, websites were in vain. Also with my friends!

The songs are:

1. Oh Kannukkul Sugam Paaindhadhenna (Unnikrishnan, Swarnalatha)
2. Nenjathil Vegu Naatkalaai (Unnikrishnan, Anuradha Sriram)
3. En Vaanam Neethaanaa (SP Balasubramaniam)

As I had been to Reliance Timeout (Cunningham Road, Bangalore) to get a headphone and to grab some books, happened to see one music CD named ‘Azhagoviyam’ which contained this movie with other few. Felt so glad and had a dilemma whether should I get this CD or can i continue searching?  Finally purchased the CD as NOT to regret later (as usual) for having missed the chance!

Now I am listening to the songs of Dhinandhorum 🙂 and felt like sharing the happiness I do enjoy at the moment..

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