same day 2 years back

Before I start off, I presume all the friends in the blogosphere are keeping well and life has been in sync with their dreams 🙂

Its been sometime (more than what it could afford to) i was away from my dear blog due to various constraints.

18 September 2007 – Tuesday, the same day 2 years back, for the first time I had travelled out of country (to Bahrain) . Professionally speaking, it was my maiden onsite trip!

All those incidents are afresh, the way I was enjoying the excitement in me about the new environment, life style etc., Thanks to my brother Muthappan for having assisted in purchasing almost all the things I needed to carry :).

The main reason for this post is all about the nostalgic feelings of my beloved dad, who was there with me by then but NOT today :(. I miss you very much appa!

For sure these wordings and blogging could NOT get you back but to some extent they become the medium through which i can express my gratitude and feelings! I deeply get immersed in those fond retentions…

I entrust my thoughts for reaching you! and you are being cherished in all my thoughts, actions…

Will be back ….


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  1. archu on

    a loss of a person can never be replaced by anything but that person and their memories we have to cherish.. 🙂

  2. raghs on


    nice to hear from you after a long time.. hope you are doing well.

    Yes, well said and thats what is in progress!

  3. Vidya on

    I am sorry for your loss. The void left behind by people is never completely filled, perhaps with their memories!

    By the way, I have made my blog private. Can you provide me your email address so that I can give you access? You can email to me at the email address listed in my profile!!


  4. Princess on

    Hi friend,
    I am really bad in consoling but I do understand your state of mind. May God be with you and guide you in his place.


  5. raghs on


    Thats okay. Yes, you are right indeed. Only memories play a vital role in a later part!

    yes, i myself was about to ask you. Thanks. Will surely send you an email so that you can give access to my id .

    Hope things are fine at your end.

    Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

  6. raghs on


    Not an issue. Thank you. Nice seeing you here after a long time.

    Take Care.

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