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last day

Everyone will have this so called day in our life at various phases. Huh! Right from schooling, college, Employment.. it continues to exist throughout.

I am into such situation now. Leaving this company and today is the penultimate day!

The amount of feelings you have is directly proportional to the years of attachment? Thought it was a hard decision which took more than 7 to 8 months to get its shape, all the acquaintances, people would be slowly moving out of the circle. Yes it is the part of life,  but still the transition period is slightly painful and can’t just be literally expressed through words no matter how good you are at it.

Many people feel reluctant just on the part of losing all the existing people and the comfortable zones they have been living with so far and also the efforts to be put in to creating a similar nest/structure in the new endeavor! Though I have never thought of this and i am not bothered/scared of all as I generally get along with people well and make my own people in the places, the nostalgic feelings are abominable!

Well, I remember by turning back few years back. It is around 4.5 years I have spent in this company. Certainly I was relatively younger in my career and to the industry. Was having many hopes, dreams and ambitions while joining the new venture.  Perhaps, could have been the side effects of the hardships you had faced during the antecedent ventures. Nevertheless, I did have many such hopes and dreams.

Of course, few of them have got very well fulfilled but some of them are yet to! I scold myself a bit as 4+ years gap is too much! :(. Still having been concentrating on other aspects like forming an organization SHaDE ( etc ., and that gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Nevertheless, carrying away all the mixed feelings, experiences and about to step in to a new horizon with few new plus few old-but-yet-to-get-fulfilled dreams,ambitions into the new venture!!



2nd company annual day

This is the 2nd company Annual day I had attended today 08th Jan 2010, Friday 🙂

I still very well remember the very first company day I had attended in my career in this company 2 years back and my blog on the same 🙂 Nostalgic! (Link is here :))

Though there are various reasons (which would probably be shared later), one good thing was I could meet most of my friends, colleagues from the other building at one shot in the auditorium, which otherwise would be little tedious meeting them in person in their respective seats :).

Had a good time and a relaxation out of the regular routine!

Good Evening and Good Weekend 🙂

Happy New Year 2010 :)

1. Wishing all of my friends, fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year 2010 :). Guess it is not too delayed!

2. I missed my blog for a long time. Guess it is almost an year! As there were tooo much of tasks on various dimensi0ns kept me fully engaged, they dint spare me for the blogosphere. Don’t want to justify this and ask excuse. Still! Love you my blog 🙂 Wish there would NOT be any such break in the forthcoming days.

Have many things to blog.. all of them coming one by one.

Have a great start of the year.

Let the year keep you contended and satisfied out of all good wills. 🙂