(S)Kandha Sashti Fasting

Dear Friends,

Its been so long I had posted any blogs here. I am back to form with many more posts. Before I could share them, here is one blog entry with respect to the religious festival. Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying in the blogosphere!

Here you go…

Just wanted to share few info about Skandha/Kandha Sashti.

This is a religious festival in Hinduism. People do observe fasting for 6 days starting from Amavasya Thithi (which comes after Diwali, and generally it is determined based on the Panchangam (Calendar)).

This is actually for the historical reasons where Lord Subramanya killed the Raakshash Soorapadma after obtaining the blessings + Spear (aka vel) from his motherLorddess Parvathi.

Sashti is also the 6th day starting from Prathamai (first day), Dwithiyai (Second day), Thrithiyai (Third day), Chathurthasi/Chathruthi (Fourth day), Panchami (fifth day), Sashti (sixth day), [Sapthamai (seventh day), Ashtamai,   Navami, Dasami are on the list..].

On the Sashti day, Lord Subramanya killed the Asura SooraPadma which is called as Soora Samharam. In one of his six houses (where he officially dwells), Tiruchendur is the place where this event happened and this is very famous for it. Though all the other 5 houses would be equally celebrating the victory of Lord Subramanya over Asura Soorapadma, Tiruchendur is the biggest! Lot more dieties would like to visit the place during this time.

The day after Soora Samhara, the Lord Subramanya gets married to Deivanai (Daughter of Indira) and that is called as Thirukkalyanam.

People tend to visit Tiruchendur to see both Soora Samharam and Thirukkalyanam and get the blessings of god!

Typically this rigid fasting is observed for the people who have excess fat in their body.

My Sashti Fasting

I do observe fasting for the continuous 6 days. The type of fasting varies from place to place and individual to individual. But the one I follow is very rigid. For the full 6 days, I refrain from taking food including water. The end of every day after visiting Murugan Temple and doing a Pooja at home, I take one glass of milk and one fruit (Apple/Banana whatever available).

People do wonder in office and ask me how do I manage without even taking a drop of water for the whole day. I just smile and say with God’s blessings and the determination + willingness, things are possible 🙂It overall purifies your mind, body, soul also provides you a self control!

Today is the 6th day and the fasting ends todayPlanning to do a great pooja with different abhishegams at home today evening. (Panchamirtam, Viboothi, Tender coconut, Rose Water, Sandal etc.,)

I had started this in the year 2007 when I was in Bahrain. I could not continue the same in 2008 as I  had lost around 16 kgs during my onsite term!! But from 2009 it is again continued. This is the third year!

Many Thanks to Lord Muruga and all the well wishers to bless me with his support to continue the fasting amidst the professional works 🙂 Just remember/recollect my dad’s words here during my college days when I tried to observe fasting, he used to day not to do the rigid fasting by then as I was a student and I need more energy for the class/lab works etc,. I used to be on fasting till half a day for first 5 days and only on the sixth day I fasted for the whole day.

Now that I thought I have grown up (!!#@?), I thought I can take up the full course and thankfully I am able to do it for 3 years!

I wish all the people who observe fasting on the Sashti days get their intention, reasons satisfied out of the fasting. Let Lord Muruga bless all the readers as well abundantly!

Few Useful links:






http://www.hindu-blog.com/2009/10/soorasamharam-2009-date-surasamharam.html — I think he updates the blog every year without changing the URL/blog post entry. You can see the dates for the year 2010 in the same URL which speaks for 2009.




22 comments so far

  1. Arun on

    Rags.. hats off to the determination and Bhakthi!! God bless!!

    • raghs on

      Thanks da Arun 🙂

  2. Vish on

    Great Raghavan, Let Aarupadaiyappan give you and your family strength, peace of mind and good health.

    • raghs on

      Thank you Vish for those compassionate words, wishes 🙂

  3. indhu on

    hai raghav, its really rare to see people who follow shashti viratham for all six days nice that u do it, i say you something those people who keep fasting during shashti might get very nice children it seems…….:)

    • raghs on


      Thanks for the comments. Yes, with god’s grace and blessings, I was able to complete it successfully. Also the support, wishes from the well wishers like you! 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes! 🙂


    really great ragavan…

    just imagine. i cannot even continue my work on a day without having tea at 7am, 11 am ,2pm,4pm and 6pm.

    leave tea. i cannot proceed even without water.


    And one thing; you have wriiten “Chathurthasi/Chathruthi”.

    Actually Chathruthi is the fourth day from amavasai or pournami; and Chathurthasi is the fourteenth day from amavasai or pournami.they are sanskrit words.
    actually after thasami comes ekadasi, thuvadasi, thiriyodasi, Chathurthasi and then pournami or amavasai.

    thithis in the first half of the month,starts with amavasi and ends with Pournami are called Shukla paksha thithis and the second half of the month starting with pournami and ending with Amavasya are called krishna paksha thithis.

    amavasi day +14 days + pournami day + 14 days + again amavasai day completes one full round of moon around earth.(Lunar month)

    Take care.

    • raghs on

      @SivaSankar Sir,

      Thanks for dropping by and taking time to sharing a good information. Thanks for the wishes and blessings.

      Not at all boring sir. Thanks for the correction on Chathurthi Vs Chathurthasi. Also your explanation was good :).

      Hope you had been doing good and you are enjoying the life with your son :).

  5. sumathi on

    Hi Raghav, wow… really is great yaar. 6 fulldays fasting.. really great. see nowadays people in work are not even working without tea very freequently, but u r working without food water..really this is possible only with your belief in GOD and HIS grace. keep it up and you will get everything in your life with the grace of Lord Muruga.

  6. Raghavan alias Saravanan on


    Thanks for those comments. Nice to see you after a long time !! Hope you had been doing good and life treats you well.

    Yeah, you are true. With god’s blessings, I had been able to successfully complete the fasting! 🙂

  7. A.Ramu on

    hi Raghav anna ,really great job done by you.Lord Muruga is always with you,also your explanation for fasting is really super.
    “God’s blessings +determination + willingness = things are possible” .

  8. raghs on


    Welcome here and thanks for your comments!

    Yes, well said in the form of an equation 😉 Good luck to you too!

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