escaped from a terrific accident

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share with you an accident I met with recently and the terrible shock!

Day before yesterday early morning I started from office at around 4 45 AM after giving a release. I had dropped one of my team members and was driving back home. Though I was tired and yawning, believed that I could manage to drive home safely as I was used to the late night stays.

The music system was also boosting my confidence as it was playing a nice set of Ilayaraja’s melody songs. All was good for quite sometime. The distance between office and my home was around 18 kms and the tiredness joined hands with the cool breeze and altogether they made me feel drowsy.

Felt sleepy and increased yawning gave a symptom that i would doze off. Yes, indeed was somehow. But still had been managing to drive while crossing the important areas like Intermediate Ring Road, SilkBoard, Bannerghatta Road etc.,

It was just 1.5 kms to reach my home and after taking a turn in the main road, again I felt drowsy. But by the time I could realize what had happened, all what I could hear was the screaming voice of a man. He was standing infront of my car and looked like shouting at me. I then realized something  bad had happened and looked at myself and the position of car.

Thank god! I had not hit him. But then how come he was throwing a different sight at me? I was also safely sitting inside the car. Then what the heck?

With the puzzling mind, I looked at the road and the situation of the car. Oops.. I had got into the ditch which was on the roadside in a few seconds and the car was tilted at around 40 degrees. Shucks!!!

Now I could bring out an analogy of why the man standing infront of the car was shouting at me and the collapsed state of my car. Luckily I had kept the window next to the driver seat open and using which I was attempting to come out. Immediately he came for rescue and he came to the other side of the car by managing to jump on the raw grasses and plants left unnoticed. He managed to open the door and gave his hand to lift me up! I luckily came out.  By God’s grace, I was not injured and had safely come out.

It was 5 15 AM and I was just 1.5 kms away from my home. I did NOT have the customer care or the Maruti On Road Service (MOS). Hence I called up my wife and asked her to come quietly without giving any info to my mom who would most probably have waken up by that time. I had been waiting on the roadside and there were many cars, two wheelers, early morning joggers stared at my car and stood for a while with an intention of lending a helping hand. I had been informing them that nothing had happened and I was safe. Also had been answering to their queries out of curiosity and listening to their advices as well.

In the middle, an auto had stopped and two people got down and they looked at the car. Tried on their own for sometime and told that they would get few more people to lift the car. He had come after sometime and we tried to provide a solid height for the car by shifting the big stones to the bottom of the car,  but still no luck. One cab stopped and it looked like a call center taxi coming from an IT company to drop the employees at their home. The driver came out and told that it may not really work out. One of the employees who came out the car, took some snaps of the tilted car on her my mobile.  The day was slowing rising and the light was spreading out.

After sometime one other car also stopped and the driver of that car suggested that it would work out only through a Crane and if you try to do something manually the car wheel may get cut and you can’t even drive. It would be better if I can call up the crane services. I nodded for doing the same.

There were couple of other people gathered in the place, who looked like staying nearby and heading back to home from their shift at office. Their attire confirmed of their profession. They also joined hands.

In the meanwhile my wife had come and I had called up Maruti On Road Service and got a reply that one person was coming on his way to assist us. We had been waiting and the MOS employee had come to the spot. He told that he could NOT really tow the vehicle by looking at the condition and he gave the number of Crane Services. I had also called up JustDial (an excellent services provided by these people by sending the required info to you in the form of Email and/or SMS at the very next moment) and obtained few more numbers.

The real critic started after the Crane person arrived on the spot. By that time the autowala who had helped initially had also took few more people along with him. The other few techies also joined hands. So altogether we were 10 people trying to do all trial and errors by pushing/lifting the car through the wooden sticks which are of considerable size to apply pressure and also with the help of big stones lying down on the roadside. Luckily we were able to see some effects. But still it was a collective effort and not that easy.

I could still hear the voice of one of the techies to the other saying that “Macha, I was thinking that it was just a Maruti 800 and it would not weigh so much! My god! But I stood corrected Macha! Too heavy da it is!!“. The other person agreed to him. I had told him that “it would hold good if the car was on the ordinary position instead of the tilted angle!

After about an hour, we were able to get the car out of the ditch and the overall look was so very pathetic due to the heavy damages! The right side of the car was totally smashed including the bumper, Bonnet. The door was jammed. The bonnet was broken. Both the bumpers fell out. Looked like the oil was leaking as well.

Gave tips to various groups of people who assisted in this regard and we reached home at 6 45 AM.

The most important and terrible shock was I never thought and imagined that this kinda situation would happen when commuting by Car. Good or bad, the travel in Car had safeguarded and it was luckily in the interior road and NOT on the main road. Had I driven my bike, it would have been even more terrible and injuries would be assured for the traveller!

Though having been getting calls from relatives, in laws and friends and getting their suggestions and advices, I do NOT have any other say rather than admitting the fact and consequences of continuous late nights and restless works!

Another beauty was that during these period, I could not even recollect the fact that I was supposed to renew my Car Insurance and it got expired by Jul 2010 itself 😦

Nevertheless, A good lesson learnt !



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  1. Vivek Juneja on

    Hey Raghavan,

    Good to hear that you are safe and sound from this accident. But dude, dont repeat it again, if you are getting late in office, Just book a cab.
    I would say you are lucky that something bad did not happen, as usually at such time of the day, cabs especially drive recklessly.
    Take care man.
    – Vivek

    • raghs on


      Thanks dude! Yeah booking a cab is available in office and I thought I could manage as I had been used to it!

      Yes, you are right. The luck/prayers had saved me.

      Hope you are doing good and life is treating you well.

      Take Care.

  2. Inba on


    Please take care bro…. Book a CAB… or Tell ur manager to Drop u at door step if u will be late ! no more such stunts !!


    • Priya on

      Hi Raghavan,
      With the blessings of God u got escaped from critical situation.Take care, during release time. Health important than work.


    • raghs on


      Yes da. Thanks. Cab facility is available in office but somehow I thought I would manage as it has been my usual routine. Yes, would be careful hereafter!

  3. Vish on


    Nice to hear that you are safe back with stunning experience. More important in life is the health. Please do take care.

    My Good Wishes are always with you and your family.

    My Best!

    • raghs on


      Thanks Vish. Yes, of course. I do agree with you 🙂

      Thank you very much for your affection and wishes bro!

  4. sriram on

    Why Raghava? Take care of yourself.

    • Tamil on

      your prayers helped you. Try to get a laptop from office and work from home during late hours.

      • raghs on

        Yes tamil. Very much. I do NOT have such provisions with the present client otherwise I should have opted for it long back! 😦

    • raghs on


      why means? time/fate da ! 🙂 :(. Yeah thanks.. surely!

  5. Naanal on

    Oh god… anna no more late nights.. please take care of your self..

    • Sowmya on

      Good lesson for everyone too. Take care in future Raghavan and prayers for everyone to drive and be safe.

      • raghs on


        Yes of course. You are right. Surely would take care!!!

        Thank you! 🙂

    • raghs on


      Thanks. Surely 🙂

  6. mahendran on

    I could already see some advices (book a cab etc., stuff) above. All i can say is “Thank God (or nature)”! Take a break and move on! As you said nevertheless its a good lesson for everyone.

    Take care anna!

    • raghs on


      Yes da. Exactly:) Thank you.

  7. sumathi on

    Hai Raghs,
    really u r in great escape. only by the GRACE OF GOD, that too you had the shasti viradham recently, even that may also helped a lot and the LORD MURUGAN is with you and save you. Hereafter be careful and avoid such situation atleast for your family.

    • raghs on


      Thanks. Yes, of course. You have correctly said! 🙂

      Yeah, will take care of it!

  8. Jujahar on

    Hi Raghavan,

    Thank GOD you are safe….
    The good things you do have guarded you…

    drive safe…


    • Ram on

      Hi Raghavan,

      It’s true that the good things you do have guarded you…

      Take care and drive safe.

      • raghs on


        Thank you. 🙂

    • raghs on


      Thank you sir 🙂

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