Good Respect – A Reminiscence

I really do NOT know when I did give such a respect to certain thoughts and I had changed my decisions based on the second thoughts/opinions I had given.

Of course in life we have our own wishes and choices. Some extent we are flexible and we bend to other factors. But for certain things we are not. No matter how much we cover up, it is all only for the people and the factors existing externally. How about internally? We know the fact.!

We can term it whatever we like, “Its my passion“, “I can’t compromise on this“, “Yeah I agree with your point of view but somehow my heart goes with this“, ”Not this time, may be next time“ etc., We tend to say all this for many reasons but out of all, it can be for one good punch line, “I am neither egoistic nor arrogant. I do listen to others and consider others opinions!”

Not to deny, I had also been of this kind in various other things in my life. Certainly not with respect to protest ego or individualism but in order to keep my priorities straight by thinking that I was on right path.

Likewise, 2 years before I had a choice of doing my MBA in ICFAI. Though I had completed by MS by then, I still wanted to do a course on MBA for my personal interest. I had got a good feedback from one of my friends who had already done her MBA through ICFAI and the comments about the course structure, materials, fees etc., were all good. Though Symbiosis was the default choice for most of the people, I felt like it may not really fit the bill.

During the course of time I had asked the opinion of my beloved person and he suggested not to go with such insitutes where the course quality may not be that good and the cost also would be high. As I was not looking for a permanent and ambitious course for my career and a subsequent job, I was asked to reconsider the decision. I was little reluctant and had pacified him (following the usual style, which I had been doing for all the years before). After some point of time, he seemed to get convinced and said that, “It is all your money. However I just did NOT want you to spend for a not-so-worthy cause! Best Wishes“.

After a while, I was about to obtain the prospectus and submit my application form. Again, there was a casual discussion over phoneon the same topic with the same person. This time he was with more facts and suggestions stating that there are other good universities like Anna University, Madras Univeristy who are well renowned and of course not so commericalised. He again concluded that, “Though you may have money to spend on it, it is worth doing it after a careful and diligent analysis on the grounds!“.

Those words made me really think for a while. I thought definitely the words of wisdom would NOT have come easily and he has been having a good knowledge about the Universities, the quality of the courses and the reputation as well. Out of all, no one can be a well-wisher like him for me and my betterment! I had decided to really, really LISTEN to the words and consider it nicely as it was the time to do so. Somehow those thoughts chipped in for respecting the person and his candidature. I had given up my thought as a result.

He was none other than my beloved dad! But unfortunately by the time I thought of applying for the MBA course in one of the universities he had suggested, I did NOT have him with me. He had passed away on this same date 2 years back! It was on 22 Dec 2008 Monday! I could not even share this fact on time! :(.

I miss you dad! :(. Still loving you and your deep routed thoughts and the cultivation you had done !!

May your soul rest in peace….

I wish the fellow bloggers to follow this piece of information if at all you really like, love and respect your beloved people, especially your parents!

PS: Just posted this blog, as my thoughts on this ICFAI stuff got aroused after getting the ICFAI course pamphlet like notice paper given by one of the ICFAI executives on the stall they had put up in CTS GVC Campus during the lunch time!!!


7 comments so far

  1. mahendran on

    Good one anna! Its true that sometimes we must decide based on facts and reality than our interests/intuitions. So hows your MBA now??

  2. Vish on

    Nice one Raghavan. Parents are the one who can give us right direction at the right time.

  3. raghs on


    Thanks da. Yes you are right.

    My MBA is on hold 🙂 and I am yet to revisit! But whenever I revisit, somehow I am deeply surrounded by the above mentioned thoughts!

  4. raghs on


    Thanks for the comments. Yes, well said 🙂

  5. sumathi on

    Hi Raghs, nice one. not only real tribute to your fathe,but we need to learn a lot from our parents.theyt are first and best guide to us. Good one.

  6. raghs on


    Thanks for the comments. You are very correct :).

  7. Anjaana on

    This really kinda helped me take a decision in my career..currently I am in 12th, and some advices given by ur dad is verywise n helpful ..also about go for what earns u a good name… Not what interest you..

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