Thoughts ——> Words!

Well, this introduction can be of two kinds and its always subjective as well.

  • One category belongs to those who dont want to describe and let others know more about them and simply say that ‘Nothing more to say about me’.
  • Other category belongs to the people who think that letting others know about themselves is a good entry point of companionships.

I would like to say i fall in the later category. So, just to let you know few things about me.

I am M Raghavan alias Saravanan. A friendly guy, basically from a beautiful town called Karaikudi which is located 100 Kms away from Tiruchirappalli in Sivaganga District of Tamilnadu and at present residing in the Garden City ‘Bangalore‘ for survival.

A Software Engineer by profession and a Lecturer by passion.

Some of my interests:

  • Helping people and society in the possible ways
  • Reading and Writing Tamil Poems
  • Blogging
  • Teaching
  • Programming (present occupation ;-))

My Other Blogs

As i had been blogging in blogspot for sometime and they are yet to be imported here (Perhaps, going through this blog would give a little more info i think). The blogs i used till now are given below..

Thanks for being around and I hope your stay here was pleasant!

I strongly feel that your comments would not just be a motivating factor but also be a great source of inspiration  towards the betterment!

so, could you please share your thoughts in words..? 🙂


18 comments so far

  1. Santa on

    Hey your About me section is very good da. Its crisp and clear. Hmm supera draft pannirukey:o)hehe

  2. raghs on

    Perhaps it might be due to the impact of being with you 😉

    Thanks da.

  3. This one is awesome boss

  4. raghs on

    மிக்க நன்றி பிரேம் 🙂

  5. Priya on

    Hi Raghs,
    Welcome back. 🙂

  6. raghs on

    @ Priya,

    Thank you. I am unable to get whether you are this-is-priyas or priyaneram priya? sorry pa..

    Hope you are doing great!!

  7. venkata karthik on

    COOOOL(Shivaji effect!!) Blog man 😉

  8. raghs on

    @ venkata karthik,

    Thanks venkat!

  9. Soham Das on

    “…located 100 Kms away from Tiruchirappalli in Tamilnadu District…”

    Sorry to come up with something like this , but Tamil Nadu ain’t a district…

  10. raghs on


    //Sorry to come up with something like this , but Tamil Nadu ain’t a district…//

    Yes, you are very true! Thanks for correcting! It was all a spontaneous typo! 😦

  11. Syed Aslam on

    Thanks for your comment at my place. Nice blog you have. I learn from here that you are currently in Behrain.. must have been difficult in summer..

  12. raghs on

    @Syed Aslam,

    Welcome here 🙂 and it was my pleasure. Thank you Syed. Yes, you are right 🙂

  13. raafiya on

    welll………ur mail id?? may b its somwhr in dis blog..but am too fed up tryin 2 run java programs dat i cant go searchin now…….[:D]

    so if u can jus post it……..

  14. raghs on


    oh sorry about that. its BlogsOfRaghs at gmail dot com! 🙂

  15. raafiya on


  16. Archana on

    Hey, thanks for dropping by and yup, now my cooking skills have improved:)..nice intro section!!

  17. raghs on


    Welcome here 🙂

    //Hey, thanks for dropping by and yup, now my cooking skills have improved:)..//

    its my pleasure.. oh wow. nice to hear..

    //nice intro section!!//

    thank you! 😛

  18. Nagabathirise on

    This is a nice one Sir… 🙂

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