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last day

Everyone will have this so called day in our life at various phases. Huh! Right from schooling, college, Employment.. it continues to exist throughout.

I am into such situation now. Leaving this company and today is the penultimate day!

The amount of feelings you have is directly proportional to the years of attachment? Thought it was a hard decision which took more than 7 to 8 months to get its shape, all the acquaintances, people would be slowly moving out of the circle. Yes it is the part of life,  but still the transition period is slightly painful and can’t just be literally expressed through words no matter how good you are at it.

Many people feel reluctant just on the part of losing all the existing people and the comfortable zones they have been living with so far and also the efforts to be put in to creating a similar nest/structure in the new endeavor! Though I have never thought of this and i am not bothered/scared of all as I generally get along with people well and make my own people in the places, the nostalgic feelings are abominable!

Well, I remember by turning back few years back. It is around 4.5 years I have spent in this company. Certainly I was relatively younger in my career and to the industry. Was having many hopes, dreams and ambitions while joining the new venture.  Perhaps, could have been the side effects of the hardships you had faced during the antecedent ventures. Nevertheless, I did have many such hopes and dreams.

Of course, few of them have got very well fulfilled but some of them are yet to! I scold myself a bit as 4+ years gap is too much! :(. Still having been concentrating on other aspects like forming an organization SHaDE ( etc ., and that gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Nevertheless, carrying away all the mixed feelings, experiences and about to step in to a new horizon with few new plus few old-but-yet-to-get-fulfilled dreams,ambitions into the new venture!!



2nd company annual day

This is the 2nd company Annual day I had attended today 08th Jan 2010, Friday 🙂

I still very well remember the very first company day I had attended in my career in this company 2 years back and my blog on the same 🙂 Nostalgic! (Link is here :))

Though there are various reasons (which would probably be shared later), one good thing was I could meet most of my friends, colleagues from the other building at one shot in the auditorium, which otherwise would be little tedious meeting them in person in their respective seats :).

Had a good time and a relaxation out of the regular routine!

Good Evening and Good Weekend 🙂

3rd year anniversary

Its yet another celebration time I feel. I have completed successfully 3 years of service in my present company as of yesterday. My date of joining in this company was 1 Dec 2005 Thursday.

But one thing is that I could never be in office premises to see the LCD display with my name and the year of services with the congratulating message for all the years! That’s one of the features which kinda impressed me during my offer-letter-getting-period :).

I remember, in the year 2006 I was at a local client’s place (local/domestic onsite!) DaimlerChrysler, 2007 last year was at Bahrain (abroad onsite :P), and this year 2008 I am in madurai in a hospital to take care of my father.

I had been just discussing this news with mom and dad two days ago, but today somehow it got slipped off until I just happened to see about 40+ emails from my colleagues (managers, students, team members, friends from other projects) having the heading ‘Congratulations‘. Have to acknowledge all those mails individually. Well, there are times and things which gets slipped off without our knowledge and intention. Right?

Yes, of course I feel happy for having completed 3 years of service. Not just that, also having been attached to a single employer for a longer duration and sustaining a good relationship!

Let’s see what happens on 1 Dec 2009, the next year!? Where am I and what am I?

Wish me good luck :). Of course, way to go :P.

shifted to new office

Hey buddies,

  Today we have got shifted to a new office. “We” means a portion of our BU (Business Unit) in the organization. The team belonging to one particular project account got shifted today and the rest will follow us on next monday.

  Some of our team mates had a thought of just seeing this office yesterday so that we may not have any difficulties in finding the route. Later we decided then what is the fun if we are well planned. Lets enjoy the first day finding the route. I was told that it would be 2 kms less than that of old office which usually takes around 15 kms everyday for one time journey.

  But to my surprise, i could enjoy the real fun as i had identified the office with no difficulties and also reached in 25 minutes which was quite surprising.. otherwise for 15 kms it would take around 45 to 50 minutes minimum. will 2 kms make such a big difference? probably it would in a city like Bangalore wherein you get 2,3 big signals within a couple of kms where each signal will make you wait for 3 minutes minimum.

   Its because i found the CTS name board and  my memory cache fetched the relevant matching keywords with the information what other admin, system people told abt this new office. With reference to that, just looked for in the listing and there it was! Good of the  administration people, they had done it in time.

  Though i was happy that i reached office with no difficulties and in less time, felt like continuing the fun since the floor in which our office is situated was not looking like an office at all. The whole corridor was looking a big hotel and till the time i reached the door (which also looked like the same) at the end, i could not come to a conclusion. Because wihin the premises, they dint keep any name plate or board neither in the reception nor in the corridors.

  Doubted like had i stepped into a 3* hotel or something and opened the door. Even after the surprise continued and i took a turn on the left side. Yes, the surprise ended soon after i saw my colleagues which was what i had been expecting ;-).

  Well, this new office looks so cool. Perhaps, because of having seen the same old office for so long and the ‘difference’ made me feel 🙂 But it really looks cool. Here CTS is the other IT company present in the same building. Its in Jubilee block near Utility Building which is close to corporation circle.  The construction would have been done in a well planned way. Perfectly fits for an IT company as every cubicle is having enough space around and the entire floor is divided into two and each of them are symmetric.

    The new office has a college nearby which is “Bishop  Cotton Girls Arts College”.  For me, its immaterial you know 😉

   The best part is that till monday, we are free to experiment the places and confirm the slots for us.. looks like 🙂  since we were allocated in one place initially and once my TL came he told we can better shift to some other place. We saw a cubicle with just 6 seats to cover the entire team in a compact way but he dint feel like as it was not on the window side. He felt like it would be better if we get the sunlight. I also agreed and we chose another cubicle.

   The best part is in the pantry, they have the LAN connection so that even people can have a casual dicussion by just taking their laptop with them. Good to see. The pantry is not so big but can accommodate around 20 people at a time.  As its facing the roadside as well as the playground besides, the people may have a good scenaries to look at.

   I am done with the most important part of finding out the pantry, restrooms (very obviuos you know), printer etc etc.., Also had accompanied two of my colleagues for breakfast thereby roamed a little to see the places around. Many more to explore gradually.!

1st Company Day!

We had our 9th Annual Company Day of our office (Torry Harris Business SolutionsTHBS in short) today. But for me, it was the very first company day i happened to be present out of these 4 years of experience in IT industry. 😉 First 2 years i happened to miss in my first company (Covansys) because of my GATE Exam and my first sem in MS exams. The next year (1st year in THBS) being placed at client’s place (onsite) and busy with the production, could not turn up! So somehow wanted to attend this year!

It was good being part atleast as an active audience! We (myself earand one of my best colleagues) started late for the function as i reached office a bit late than my usual timings.  Though we both thought that we could manage in finding the hotel where the function is happening, we felt it difficult because we just swapped the names of the hall in the morning and evening sessions. After calling a colleague to get to know the name of the hall, we could manage to locate it as it was pretty nearby our office. Of course, we felt a bit hesitated thinking that we were the last people getting into the hall and what others may be thinking by looking at us! But ultimately, whenever comes after you in such a situation, the amount of relaxation, happiness you get right.. really one should enjoy it as we did today! A couple of guys came after us making us feel relaxed 😉

The morning session was great as it was the usual one wherein the CEO addressed all and there were talks on how our office has evolved, what are the future plans, where are we heading towards etc etc.. All these we missed because of being late entries but somehow managed to get these by asking the neigbours after the break.  Then the Question & Answer session was there wherein the people who filled out the questions in a drop box which they wanted theto be addressed in front of all by the respective people (CEO, COO, HR, etc ). Happened to hear a nice comment from some colleagues passing by after the Q & A session was over, which was “You can question any one in the software industry!”. All employees were given a keychain as a compliment on the company day.

The evening session was great as it was having some cultural activities, awards distribution ceremonies etc. Awards was an excellent one as there were many varieties of awards given for the best initiative, star bootcamp, best support etc etc. Felt very great and proud of people who were nominated for certain titles and one among them got selected. The amount of applause you get from the crowd itself shows how much the individuals had been getting along with the team.  Remembered my friend “Prabhu S” who also used to get such awards in his company PerotSystems.

The aspect which we felt lacking in the morning session was filled out here. Yes the dinner! ;-). It was very fine and we could not taste any Non-Veg items as we don’t eat.

 Somehow the whole day went fine with a great enjoyment. 😉 Lets get back to normal routine (work) from tomorrow onwards!! Continue reading