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yet another book in lucky draw

This is the second time i got a chance to know about the persistence of so called ‘luck’ 🙂 I was selected as lucky draw winner in JavaRanch forum’s Book Promotion offer on 14Dec2007 and the book was ‘Java Programming Cookbookby Herbert Schildt.  The previous one was blogged here 🙂

Moreover I felt very happy for getting a chance to interact with the author(s) directly in the forum. I believe people from Computer Science/ Information Technology background might have definitely come across Herbert Schild’s famous books like ‘The Complete Reference C’, C++, Java etc., That was like adding honey to the icecream 🙂

I have got the book dispatched today (13Jan2008) to the Bahrain address and happy to share the news with you all here 🙂 [as usual by the time i blog its 14Jan08 :(]

As usual the snapshot of the forum thread which declares the winners here below.

Java Programming Cookbook Winners-14Dec07 (13Jan08)

The thread is accessible here for the Java Programming Cookbook Winners!

The other threads where Herbert Schildt is welcomed is here and one of my queries to the author is here.

The snapshot of my welcome message to Herbert Schildt is below..

My welcoming message to Herbert Schildt

Cheers!!! 🙂


Happy News.. Got a book in lucky draw

Hurray….. 🙂

Whatever it is, the moment you share it does matter right..? I feel so..

Just got to know that my name was in the list of lucky draw winners of the ‘Professional Apache Tomcat 6’ book in the JavaRanch forum.  [Tomcat is a Web Server  used for hosting J2EE based Web Applications. ]

Here you go…

I repeat it, its lucky,lucky draw – purely.

Felt very happy and thought of sharing it with you.  I too have some lucky mole(s) i guess!

 As usual, pasting the screenshot here.. he he he… 🙂

Winners - Professional Apache Tomcat 6 - JavaRanch lucky draw