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SHaDE – Uniform and Notebook Distribution

Dear Friends,

We have taken two on going appeals for the educational causes.

1. Distributing Uniform to the kids at Udhavum Ullangal, Adambakkam, Chennai. Udhavum Ullangal is an orphanage and provides shelter, food for 100+ kids, having two homes in Chennai one is at Adambakkam and another at Maraimalai Nagar. We as a team, had visited the Adambakkam center on 1st week of March 2011 and had distributed groceries to the kids. We planned to distribute Uniform dresses to the students and each set costs around Rs 250/-. For a total of 105 kids, the total estimated cost is Rs 26,500/-.

Though we had initially planned to get the dresses stitched by a tailor for providing a quality dress, due to various reasons we could NOT get it materialized. We had switched back to the decision of giving the readymade dresses which we had kept it as a last resort.

The appeal information can be found online at :

2. Distributing Notebooks to the school going children at Sevalayam (Madurai) and LOTUS, Salem. These two are our regular beneficiaries whom we help every month by sending around Rs 1,500/- to Rs 2,000/- every month from our SHaDE funds. Totally around 1000+ notes are planned to be distributed with our SHaDE logo and some motivational quotes on the either sides of the notes, it costs around Rs 28,000/- roughly.

Having these two appeals on hand, we thought of raising funds as I had always been hearing from people to let them know of such appeals as people have an interest towards such educational appeals.

The appeal information can be found online at :

The transaction information for the same appeals can be found at : and

I would request you to kindly contribute as per your interest and share it with your friends as well. The target date of completion is on 29, 30 of May 2011.

 Kindly send an email with the transaction information so that I can easily keep track of donors.


Raghavan alias Saravanan M.

SHaDE Website | Tribute to Parents

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