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sivaji – top 10 in UK box office

The Boss! – has been into top10 of UK box office

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sivaji – mass for the boss in pvr,bangalore

have a look at the crowd gathered and waiting to watch the Movie – “Sivaji-The BOSS” 😉

mass for BOSS in PVR,Bangalore today (15Jun07)

BOSS – Expansions
Bachelor of Social Service (told by vivek in the movie)

Bachelor of Silver Screen (newly added by fans today) !!

sivaji – suspenses…

1. no double action for rajini, but only a getup change.

2. mottai rajini comes only in the last 20 mins as MG RAVICHANDRAN.

3. vivek is rajinis MAMA (vadivukarasis brother) and rajini calls him MAMA thoughout the movie.

4.rajinis styles in the movie: he throws the chewing gum on his hand and it rebounces into his one scene he throws it on sumans forehead and it rebounces into his mouth.mottai rajini taps his head with his fingers.rajini says the word COOL throught out the moviemovie running time 3hours and 10 minssuman is the main villain and raguvharan appears in 3 , 4 scenes as the DEAN of SIVAJI UNIVERSITY, and hes the one who saves RAJINI.regarding the songs, rajini comes like SIVAJI, MGR and KAMAL in a comedy scene singing old songs like the song ORU KOODAI SUNLIGHT 6 rajinis (with different hairstyles) will dance at the same time. it was SUPER!introduction sceneit is in the JAIL!!!!from there the FLASHBACK STARTS!!1. in the first half rajini uses a silver MERCEDEZ BENZ. he gives the car to PYRAMID NATARAJAN who is his ADVOCATE because he could not pay his legal fees.

5. in the 2nd half he uses a BLACK TOYOTA PRADO (director shankars own car) but in the car chase he uses a BLACK SCORPIO!suman is a big business man who runs institutions in chennai and hes got lot of political power. SIVAJI plans to open medical institutions and wants to give free education to everybody! thats where the problem starts!!

SUMAN asks RAJINI to start a shopping complex or to do real estate business, but he refuses.SUMAN takes away RAJINIS wealth including RAJINIS ROLEX WATCH and leaves him in the street. He asks him whether he wants a job in MTC bus as a CONDUCTOR. Finally he gives 1 ruppee coin and tell him to start begging.RAJINI decides to toss the coin and decide his future. If tails he will select POO PADHAI, if heads SINGA PAADHAI!! he tosses the coin and HEADS it is!!!the interval block is very well picturised!according to the police SIVAJI is dead and they want to know the secrets of SIVAJI and they try to open the laptop using MIMICRY artists (gud funny scene) they bring, Mayilsaamy, dhaamu and CHINY JAYANTH. but nobody can open it and the files get deleted!ADHIRADEE song the STYLE song will be the highlights of the picture. HATSOFF to SHANKAR AND RAJINI.

All the other songs are normal shankar style(nothing too special)The CLIMAX stunt is picturised well(similar to matrix). all the other stunts are normal shankar style. the car chasing stunt is too much of GRAPHICS.theres a comedy scene where RAJINI and VIVEK got shreyas house telling that they are coming from CENSUS office and after that semma comedy for 10 mins. HIGHLIGHT of the scene will be CHANDRAMUKIS RARAAA song.a punch dialogue by VIVEK- “six kku appuram sevenda! indha SIVAJIkku appuram yevendaa!!”

In the scene where KANAL KANNAN threatens RAJINI his hair would have been coloured in red patches. VIVEKS dialogue to RAJINI ” ivar thalaila yaaro KAARAKOZHAMBU oothitaanga pola!”

shankar has used the cellphone technology MMS in the films turning point. SUMAN and the inspector SHANMUGARAJAN(virumandi inspector) plans to kill SHIVAJI whose in the prison. ILAVARASU whose a constable in the same station covers the whole conversation in his cell phone and sends it to SHIVAJI while giving his food.Later SHIVAJI forwards it to RAGHUVARAN through MMS and he also leaves a message to his wife SHRIYA through MMS.

Courtesy: Thanks to Suresh VK for sharing this.

Sivaji – Pressmeet..

Chandra Babu Naidu watched the special preview of Rajnikant’s 15 June release ‘Sivaji’ at Prasad Labs preview theater today morning. Chandra Babu Naidu and Rajnikant spoke to the media after the preview is over. Here are the excepts –

Sivaji is about black money – Sivaji
Chandra Babu Naidu said, “Sivaji is going to create history in Inida. India has lot of talent and resources. But we are suffering with corruption and black money. Due to this black money, rich are becoming ultra rich and poor are becoming paupers. Sivaji film will be an eye-opener. Sivaji film combined entertainment with nice social message. Rajnikant is not only famous in India, he is an icon in Japan. I would say without any hesitation that Rajni is the most stylist actor in the entire India. I am a fan and friend of Rajni. Shankar who has a thing for social message oriented films has done superb work as director.”

NTR wanted me to use the film media to full extent – Rajnikant
Hero Rajnikant said, “Chandra Babu Naidu is one of my best friends. I promised him to show Chandramukhi on the release date and I could not honor it. I met Chandra Babu Naidu during the shoot of Sivaji. This time I stuck to my promise and shown him a day ahead of the release. Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi watched Sivaji 3 days back and was very much impressed with it. Jayalalitha will be watching the film today evening at 6 pm in Chennai. I am planning to have screenings to YSR and Chidambaram as well. NTR told me long back that film media is the most powerful media. He wanted me to use this media to full extent to convey good messages to the masses. I am following him. The entire credit of the success of this film goes to Shankar. He has a zeal to make films that educate masses by mixing entertainment. We had been contemplating on working together for the past 10 years and it worked with Sivaji film. There will be entertainment and social message in this film.”

When asked about the craze Sivaji film has got this time, Rajnikant humbly attributed it to the almighty.

Press Meet during the Sivaji Movie Preview

Courtesy: Thanks to my friend Suresh V K for sharing the mail and image.