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Know hitcount and statistics of your website!

Hello Buddies,

Have you ever come across a situation that you would like to know the hit counts and statistics of your website categorized based on several parameters?

I have just come across such a site which helps you to do that. The site is

How would i get to know the traffic statistics about a particular site straightaway?
Well, What you need to do is you need to append the URL you are interested in at the end of this string<YOUR_URL&gt;

   Say, for example this URL will give you the statistics of traffic about the site TSDN, from where i got this information especially in this thread.

 Where i should get the information about the Traffic details?

    It would be good if you go through the information (FAQ) provided in the website before actually proceeding with your website.

    You can get to know the complete information here.

 Hope you may find it useful.