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utilities to recover the shift deleted files

All of a sudden you encounter a situation wherein you either knowingly or unknowingly but unfortunately happened to lose some of your files in the OS permanently. I could have better named it as ‘permanently deleted files’ rather than ‘shift deleted files’. But just to match with the naive user’s search query, i have termed it as such! That’s how generally people may search for it.

Day before yesterday one of my buddies faced a scenario and was feeling bad that he had lost his 6 hours of work because of an accidental shift+delete by his colleague.Not to blame anyone but the situation, he had not have the back up of the files as well. Suddenly i remembered that a couple of years back one of my ex-colleagues had sent a mail about such software utility but it was mainly to recover the mails from Microsoft Outlook exchange doing something with Registry.

With the thought, i had mailed my buddies and asked for a solution if they had also faced this situation. A couple of good responses i have got. Just Listing them here. Hope it would be of some use to the people in need! It is mainly for Windows OS as my requirement was for that.

Prior to this mailing attempt, got suggested by my colleage about one utility called ‘GetDataBack’. What a beautiful name? 🙂 You would never forget it! But as it was a shareware(!), i was able to just see the list of files got deleted but could not proceed further in retrieving the files as it was saying “copying of files is only allowed in premium edition” :). 

NOTE: Please make use at your own risk. Kindly go through the notes/documentation given in the software/crack.

Here you go….

(i) Please try this link for getting the deleted files.

(ii) [FAT system]


(iv) try the software ‘undelete’..definitely it helps..i have recovered many files using it myself..espicially .jpg and .txt java code resides on repository..i hope he lost it before commit:)

well, windows xp with FAT? first he should change to NTFS..
btw, how did he delete it? using a tool like eclipse? or from explorer?


(vi) I think i have used recovermyfiles.exe… i think its available in the net.. u can download and try..

(vii) [I got it through Google webclip when i was replying to this mail thread!]

(vii) Get data back , Data recovery [names of the software]

(viii) As i do not have a portable media, I am giving you the link from where it can be downloaded. Before installation disable Internet connection and Anti virus Programs because we use a Key gen to activate the software.

This gives a success rate of 65% for all the files. This is not file recovery software. It recovers Entire partition. So make sure u select the appropriate file types you want to recover in order to speed up the process. It works well for all the types of windows file systems.

Please do share this with all the folks you know.

Password :

(ix) Caution:HI.. anna.. One needs to be very careful in trying such tools… for recovring the deleted files…..
Most of the time it leads to HD Crash… i have lost 2 @ home… while recovering my dads account files….
Beware… n take care too!

All the very best! 🙂

I thank all my  buddies who have responded in time! 🙂



how to deal with java programs in EditPlus

This post may help you to deal with Java Programs in the EditPlus – a famous editor for many different type of files (for example, .java, .css, .html, .sql, .txt etc).

 One more similar editor is TextPad, which can directly deal with Java applications as its taking the Java Compiler by default from the installed location in the machine it is running.  Thats one advantage with that.

What exactly do i mean to say “dealing with Java applications”? Does it mean typing the source code? Absolutely NOT! That does not require any special settings and you can start typing as you would with any other file. I mean to say, “Compiling” and “Running” of Java applications.

In EditPlus, we cannot direclty deal with Java Applications and they need some sort of settings to do that. Lets see them one by one.

1. Options to set for Compilation (“javac”):

Go to “Tools” Menu -> and click on “Configure User Tools…” option.

 Click on the individual images to see the full-size screenshots if it does not display the image in full. 

Every image has the required description and explanation for the step.

Image1:  Clicking on “Configure User Tools…” Option in the “Tools” Menu

1_Tools Menu-ConfigureUserTools

It will open a new dialog box where in you can enter your details to configure for the tools.

Image2: The Initial Groups and Tools Window dialog box

2_Empty Groups and Tools Items Window

Image3: Clicking on “Add Tool” button in the Dialog box

3_click on AddTool

Image4: The Initial window on “Add Program”


Image5: Configuring “javac” for compilation – step 1


Image6: Configuring “javac” for compilation – step 2


Image7: Verifying the “javac” tool added in the “Tools” Menu


2. Options to set for Execution (“java”) :

Image8: Configuring “java” for execution

7_Configure java

Image9: Verifying the “java” tool added in the “Tools” Menu


Image10: Compiling a Java Program

9_Compile Java Program

Image11: Running (Executing) a Java Program by giving the command line arguments

10_Run Java Program with cmd line args

Image12: Output of running the Java Program with command line arguments

11_Run Java Program with cmd line args-output

Image13: Output of running the Java Program without any command line arguments

12_Run Java Program with no cmd line args-output

Hope the series of screenshots helped you configure and run a Java Program in EditPlus.

I have blogged this steps as i have seen this in one of the threads in JavaRanch. But still, i would suggest you to just proceed with Notepad and the normal Command Window if you are in the beginning stage because the ordinary plain text editor like Notepad will help you improve your language syntax by not having any support for syntax highlighting!

It would be so nice if you could please share your feedbacks and suggestions if any for the improvement of the material.