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Bing copies google results

Hi Friends,

This is an interesting fact to you if you are a regular searcher apart from just being a surfer. The news would not just be interesting but will be shocking as well.

The shocking news is that “Microsoft Bing Search Engine copies the results of Google Search Engine”. How bad it is? Not believing? Huh.. Go ahead and read this official blog of Google ->

My goodness!

What’s your say?


33 to 29 and 75 to 63

Wondering what these figures could be? its the transition in my physique within an year! 🙂

Day before yesterday stepped into Brand Factory in Wilson Garden Area (in Bangalore) to grab some dresses on a huge offer sale (“Buy 1 Get 1 Free” on most of the items and “Buy 1 Get 2 Free” on few items). Thought I can check my waist size as i am compressed very much in an year. I remember my waist size was used to be 32 and a little later it was upto 33 so that i could get the pants/trousers of waist size 34 with ease. Now it is 29! :)[“32 to 29“] Its the change happened within me in an year as my appetite was gradually and drastically lost and i dint really feel like working on it to improve. I felt it was good and comfortable so left it as such. Also the (T-)shirts i used to wear of type “XL” and now the “L” itself is bit larger :).

Happened to check my weight in a nearby hospital yesterday night during my visit to see the doctor and get an injection for the viral fever! There another fact got revealed. My present weight is 63 kgs and its almost 12 kgs lost. I was of 75 if i am right! [“75 to 63“]

What a change? Everyone says, “Welcome the Change“! so do I 🙂 — with no further comments on it!

Back to Pavilion

Hey buddies,

Its been a weeks time I came back to Bangalore from Bahrain. Of course was about to write one post about ‘life in bahrain’. But had been quite busy with the KT and handover stuff. Let me see how soon i could finish that off! 🙂

As such completed 9 months over there and back to India. Could see many changes (improvements rather) here. Getting settleddddd….


completing 2 months here

Ouch.. as some one else (i think its Ponnarasi) told here, i think its time for a next blog! as its been sometime i posted! though i thought of some good title, but dint get any good one so left this as such!

 As of now, completing 2 months here (Sep18-Oct18-Nov18) :). Life as such in a good improvement phase. Only this week i would say i have been doing some little good work in the official front whereas till now have been doing some monotonous routine!

 One good thing to mention is the Amnesty carried out in the office where i work (LMRA – Labour Market Regulatory  Authority)! Being the initiators of it, they do a real good job. Whoever is working under an illegal work permit or who don’t have a proper sponsor, they can just go and report to these people (LMRA) and they themselves help you to get back to your country with a free ticket! Its all for a good cause and to stabilize their statistics and work culture so that they will maintain a good track record of labours!

The website is a portal but still you can direclty get into the statistics here if you are interested! You would get the recently updated information.

 The climate has come to the opposite extreme nowadays. Its not at all hot and it becomes pretty dark by 5 PM itself. I feel as if its around 8 or 9 PM :lol.

To those whom i missed to update, i have started writing a story in this month. Its called ‘Kanaa Kaanum Kaalangal’ and obviously in my mother tongue ‘Tamil’.

The impact on this is the official working hours has been extended till 9 PM for the LMRA staff which was previously till 2 PM only. Though those people work on shifts, we don’t! Moreover doing a production deployment on a weekly basis have to slog till 11 PM 🙂 Anyways, its a part of life!

As such, these are the information.. Rest in next…

Chalo..  C u all l8r….

diwali in bahrain

Well, for the first time happen to celebrate ‘Diwali’ at abroad (in Bahrain). I would say it was as the way anyone would expect without any real celebrations.

Though many of my friends were asking about the availability of crackers here, was unable to answer them by then. Later came to know that here its kinda banned. Happened to hear from some of my TCS colleagues who are here for a couple of years that you can’t fire the crackers outside (public)!

Then i have got 2 questions..

(1) Then what’s the point of making it avaiable?

(2) If not outside means, should we have it inside the home or what?

But i have not seen any crackers being sold here! Crackers apart, no other symptoms as well. Basically being a Muslim country would be a predominant factor!

From my own end, happened to rush in the last minute (yesterday) evening to a mall here (Jeant) with one of my colleagues and managed to get a shirt and pant from Scullers and one shirt from Indigo Nation which i blindly liked! 🙂

As suggested by one of my colleagues (Rajasekar M) to prepare keasari (sweet rava, can i call it in english?) had to buy so many ingredients except the ghee and sugar! As was not in a mood to cook, went outside to a hotel (Kushboo Idli Kadai:)) and finished my dinner! On the way to the nearby grocery mall, saw another shop having good t-shirt collections. Went inside and purchased 4 T-shirts too 🙂

Since the t-shirt selection process swallowed ample time, had been running here and there to get the ingredients in the mall as they were about to close!! Except the Kesari Powder (Saffron powder), got everything! My roomies were pulling my legs and asking whether am in a full festival mood or not. Perhaps i had been i guess! 😛 Admitted the fact.

Got up early in the morning (not just because of diwali but regular lunch preparation + today’s diwali spl keasari) and managed to do all. Somehow the keasari came well (thank god! it was my maiden effort) except a little more sugar could have helped it to be too tasty! But it was definitely ‘eatable’ not just ‘touchable’ 🙂 Distributed to all my colleagues also here!

One good thing is that today bcos of diwali, the cell phone service providers gave some extra amount of talk time in the calling cards which was about 4 minutes surplus than that of regular. (today 26 minutes per 1 BD calling card). Though i was wondering in the morning soon after i heard about the increased talktime, dint care to bother much. In the evening, an sms confirmed the same!

One bad thing was that the lines to India were almostttt busy and had beeeeeennnn trying since morning for so long to get the line connected! :(.

Apart from that, no difference from the regular working day here! 🙂

One funny part was in my orkut profile today it was showing, “Today’s fortune: you are going to have some new clothes!”. Lol 🙂

Hope all of you had a very good diwali celebrations…

completing 1 month here

well, had been thinking nowadays to do a real good post as most of my posts made me think that its either a forward or a mokkai or a thambattam of any sort.. if not some poems or lyrics.. am i getting bored of these usual style? Not really! 🙂 but would like to do it differently.. lemme think.

meanwhile, by today i m completing 1 month here in bahrain as of today. Last month (September 18th) i came here.. somehow days are flying without control.. exact one month! i would say i have got accustomed to this environment nicely and got a good idea about the city eventhough there are many other parts of the city/country to be explored yet!

though thought of having an elobarate post but since it may mimic the previous version, left it.. so a quick short description here..

(i) we had attended one music concert happened on Oct 14th wherein the singers Hariharan and KS Chitra came. The evening program was very good and was nice seeing those people as well as listening to the songs live for the first time. They sang tamil, malayalam, hindi songs! shall share snaps link later. it would be in the same location where i have shared the snaps taken in bahrain.

(ii) got accustomed with these TCS guys here and work wise its really fun.

(iii) we had 5 days off for Ead celebrations here but to be frank, i have not done any good-and-useful thing except attending the musical event!

(iv) one thing is that i was busy preparing Java Slides for the fresh buds in my office as i was mentoring them. somehow my efforts were nice and they came in good flavour. yet to finish the rest-but-one topic.

(v) after ramzan/ead, happened to see the other face of the city which looked like dull,calm during ramzan. now much traffic but still the same rules are followed strictly! 🙂 This is like ‘citibank’ wherein ‘the citi never sleeps’. Till 1 or 2 AM all the shops are open here and people just casually roam here and there! 🙂

what else?

meet you all a little later with some good-but-different post!

take care…

IRCTC – new look and feel

Hello buddies,

  Today i just thought i can check the train tickets (from Bengaluroo to Singara Chennai) via IRCTC. All of a sudden when the page got opened i had two doubts

(i) whether the website had been blocked because of me browsing inside a corporate network – had it been such case, there would have been no wonders since its *not* a new thing!

(ii) whether i had typed the website url wrongly. since many times i happened to experience in seeing an unexpected website getting loaded because of some spelling mistakes (typo) in the URL. One good example is indiatimes website when i typed by swapping a single character as “”, there was a matching website for that pattern 🙂 It happened in the year 2002!

   But after looking at the contents of the page loaded, i happened to realize that the website look and feel had undergone a drastic change! soon after that realization, i just uttered “Cool..” (donno “Shivaji” effect or not.. sometimes it happens!). The site looks pretty cool and the efforts are appreciated towards the improvement. Obviously i felt very glad of having a change in the new apperance as it was so pleasant and not disgusting!!

   Really don’t know when they have migrated, probably i might have been late ;-). But just for your perusal, pasting the screenshots of the homepage and welcome page.

 Here is the Home Page..

irctc new look homepage

Here is the Welcome Page once your login attempt is successful…

irctc new look welcomepage

Whatever it be, “Change” is the “constant” term in the world! Right?

Lets welcome the change !!

Hope you too would like the new look if at all you use IRCTC 🙂

 But only one thing really have NOT changed is, still i am getting the same old famous message “unable to retrieve due to communication failure” for my searching of trains between stations………;-((((