Good Respect – A Reminiscence

I really do NOT know when I did give such a respect to certain thoughts and I had changed my decisions based on the second thoughts/opinions I had given.

Of course in life we have our own wishes and choices. Some extent we are flexible and we bend to other factors. But for certain things we are not. No matter how much we cover up, it is all only for the people and the factors existing externally. How about internally? We know the fact.!

We can term it whatever we like, “Its my passion“, “I can’t compromise on this“, “Yeah I agree with your point of view but somehow my heart goes with this“, ”Not this time, may be next time“ etc., We tend to say all this for many reasons but out of all, it can be for one good punch line, “I am neither egoistic nor arrogant. I do listen to others and consider others opinions!”

Not to deny, I had also been of this kind in various other things in my life. Certainly not with respect to protest ego or individualism but in order to keep my priorities straight by thinking that I was on right path.

Likewise, 2 years before I had a choice of doing my MBA in ICFAI. Though I had completed by MS by then, I still wanted to do a course on MBA for my personal interest. I had got a good feedback from one of my friends who had already done her MBA through ICFAI and the comments about the course structure, materials, fees etc., were all good. Though Symbiosis was the default choice for most of the people, I felt like it may not really fit the bill.

During the course of time I had asked the opinion of my beloved person and he suggested not to go with such insitutes where the course quality may not be that good and the cost also would be high. As I was not looking for a permanent and ambitious course for my career and a subsequent job, I was asked to reconsider the decision. I was little reluctant and had pacified him (following the usual style, which I had been doing for all the years before). After some point of time, he seemed to get convinced and said that, “It is all your money. However I just did NOT want you to spend for a not-so-worthy cause! Best Wishes“.

After a while, I was about to obtain the prospectus and submit my application form. Again, there was a casual discussion over phoneon the same topic with the same person. This time he was with more facts and suggestions stating that there are other good universities like Anna University, Madras Univeristy who are well renowned and of course not so commericalised. He again concluded that, “Though you may have money to spend on it, it is worth doing it after a careful and diligent analysis on the grounds!“.

Those words made me really think for a while. I thought definitely the words of wisdom would NOT have come easily and he has been having a good knowledge about the Universities, the quality of the courses and the reputation as well. Out of all, no one can be a well-wisher like him for me and my betterment! I had decided to really, really LISTEN to the words and consider it nicely as it was the time to do so. Somehow those thoughts chipped in for respecting the person and his candidature. I had given up my thought as a result.

He was none other than my beloved dad! But unfortunately by the time I thought of applying for the MBA course in one of the universities he had suggested, I did NOT have him with me. He had passed away on this same date 2 years back! It was on 22 Dec 2008 Monday! I could not even share this fact on time! :(.

I miss you dad! :(. Still loving you and your deep routed thoughts and the cultivation you had done !!

May your soul rest in peace….

I wish the fellow bloggers to follow this piece of information if at all you really like, love and respect your beloved people, especially your parents!

PS: Just posted this blog, as my thoughts on this ICFAI stuff got aroused after getting the ICFAI course pamphlet like notice paper given by one of the ICFAI executives on the stall they had put up in CTS GVC Campus during the lunch time!!!


Calm a disturbed mind

I got this as a forward. However, felt really good and thought of sharing this with you all.

Buddha’s Advice to Calm a Disturbed Mind

Once Buddha was walking from one town to another town with a few of his followers.. This was in the initial days. While they were traveling, they happened to pass a lake. They stopped there and Buddha told one of his disciples, “I am thirsty. Do get me some water from that lake there.”

The disciple walked up to the lake. When he reached it, he noticed that right at that moment, a bullock cart started crossing through the lake. As a result, the water became very muddy, very turbid. The disciple thought, “How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink , So he came back and told Buddha, “The water in there is very muddy. I don’t think it is fit to drink.” After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back to the lake and get him some water to drink. The disciple obediently went back to the lake.

This time too he found that the lake was muddy. He returned and informed Buddha about the same. After sometime, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back. The disciple reached the lake to find the lake absolutely clean and clear with pure water in it. The mud had settled down and the water above it looked fit to be had. So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,” See what you did to make the water clean. You let it be…. and the mud settled down on its own – and you got clear water. Your mind is also like that! When it is disturbed, just let it be. Give it a little time. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down. It will happen. It is effortless.

escaped from a terrific accident

Hi friends,

Just wanted to share with you an accident I met with recently and the terrible shock!

Day before yesterday early morning I started from office at around 4 45 AM after giving a release. I had dropped one of my team members and was driving back home. Though I was tired and yawning, believed that I could manage to drive home safely as I was used to the late night stays.

The music system was also boosting my confidence as it was playing a nice set of Ilayaraja’s melody songs. All was good for quite sometime. The distance between office and my home was around 18 kms and the tiredness joined hands with the cool breeze and altogether they made me feel drowsy.

Felt sleepy and increased yawning gave a symptom that i would doze off. Yes, indeed was somehow. But still had been managing to drive while crossing the important areas like Intermediate Ring Road, SilkBoard, Bannerghatta Road etc.,

It was just 1.5 kms to reach my home and after taking a turn in the main road, again I felt drowsy. But by the time I could realize what had happened, all what I could hear was the screaming voice of a man. He was standing infront of my car and looked like shouting at me. I then realized something  bad had happened and looked at myself and the position of car.

Thank god! I had not hit him. But then how come he was throwing a different sight at me? I was also safely sitting inside the car. Then what the heck?

With the puzzling mind, I looked at the road and the situation of the car. Oops.. I had got into the ditch which was on the roadside in a few seconds and the car was tilted at around 40 degrees. Shucks!!!

Now I could bring out an analogy of why the man standing infront of the car was shouting at me and the collapsed state of my car. Luckily I had kept the window next to the driver seat open and using which I was attempting to come out. Immediately he came for rescue and he came to the other side of the car by managing to jump on the raw grasses and plants left unnoticed. He managed to open the door and gave his hand to lift me up! I luckily came out.  By God’s grace, I was not injured and had safely come out.

It was 5 15 AM and I was just 1.5 kms away from my home. I did NOT have the customer care or the Maruti On Road Service (MOS). Hence I called up my wife and asked her to come quietly without giving any info to my mom who would most probably have waken up by that time. I had been waiting on the roadside and there were many cars, two wheelers, early morning joggers stared at my car and stood for a while with an intention of lending a helping hand. I had been informing them that nothing had happened and I was safe. Also had been answering to their queries out of curiosity and listening to their advices as well.

In the middle, an auto had stopped and two people got down and they looked at the car. Tried on their own for sometime and told that they would get few more people to lift the car. He had come after sometime and we tried to provide a solid height for the car by shifting the big stones to the bottom of the car,  but still no luck. One cab stopped and it looked like a call center taxi coming from an IT company to drop the employees at their home. The driver came out and told that it may not really work out. One of the employees who came out the car, took some snaps of the tilted car on her my mobile.  The day was slowing rising and the light was spreading out.

After sometime one other car also stopped and the driver of that car suggested that it would work out only through a Crane and if you try to do something manually the car wheel may get cut and you can’t even drive. It would be better if I can call up the crane services. I nodded for doing the same.

There were couple of other people gathered in the place, who looked like staying nearby and heading back to home from their shift at office. Their attire confirmed of their profession. They also joined hands.

In the meanwhile my wife had come and I had called up Maruti On Road Service and got a reply that one person was coming on his way to assist us. We had been waiting and the MOS employee had come to the spot. He told that he could NOT really tow the vehicle by looking at the condition and he gave the number of Crane Services. I had also called up JustDial (an excellent services provided by these people by sending the required info to you in the form of Email and/or SMS at the very next moment) and obtained few more numbers.

The real critic started after the Crane person arrived on the spot. By that time the autowala who had helped initially had also took few more people along with him. The other few techies also joined hands. So altogether we were 10 people trying to do all trial and errors by pushing/lifting the car through the wooden sticks which are of considerable size to apply pressure and also with the help of big stones lying down on the roadside. Luckily we were able to see some effects. But still it was a collective effort and not that easy.

I could still hear the voice of one of the techies to the other saying that “Macha, I was thinking that it was just a Maruti 800 and it would not weigh so much! My god! But I stood corrected Macha! Too heavy da it is!!“. The other person agreed to him. I had told him that “it would hold good if the car was on the ordinary position instead of the tilted angle!

After about an hour, we were able to get the car out of the ditch and the overall look was so very pathetic due to the heavy damages! The right side of the car was totally smashed including the bumper, Bonnet. The door was jammed. The bonnet was broken. Both the bumpers fell out. Looked like the oil was leaking as well.

Gave tips to various groups of people who assisted in this regard and we reached home at 6 45 AM.

The most important and terrible shock was I never thought and imagined that this kinda situation would happen when commuting by Car. Good or bad, the travel in Car had safeguarded and it was luckily in the interior road and NOT on the main road. Had I driven my bike, it would have been even more terrible and injuries would be assured for the traveller!

Though having been getting calls from relatives, in laws and friends and getting their suggestions and advices, I do NOT have any other say rather than admitting the fact and consequences of continuous late nights and restless works!

Another beauty was that during these period, I could not even recollect the fact that I was supposed to renew my Car Insurance and it got expired by Jul 2010 itself 😦

Nevertheless, A good lesson learnt !


(S)Kandha Sashti Fasting

Dear Friends,

Its been so long I had posted any blogs here. I am back to form with many more posts. Before I could share them, here is one blog entry with respect to the religious festival. Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying in the blogosphere!

Here you go…

Just wanted to share few info about Skandha/Kandha Sashti.

This is a religious festival in Hinduism. People do observe fasting for 6 days starting from Amavasya Thithi (which comes after Diwali, and generally it is determined based on the Panchangam (Calendar)).

This is actually for the historical reasons where Lord Subramanya killed the Raakshash Soorapadma after obtaining the blessings + Spear (aka vel) from his motherLorddess Parvathi.

Sashti is also the 6th day starting from Prathamai (first day), Dwithiyai (Second day), Thrithiyai (Third day), Chathurthasi/Chathruthi (Fourth day), Panchami (fifth day), Sashti (sixth day), [Sapthamai (seventh day), Ashtamai,   Navami, Dasami are on the list..].

On the Sashti day, Lord Subramanya killed the Asura SooraPadma which is called as Soora Samharam. In one of his six houses (where he officially dwells), Tiruchendur is the place where this event happened and this is very famous for it. Though all the other 5 houses would be equally celebrating the victory of Lord Subramanya over Asura Soorapadma, Tiruchendur is the biggest! Lot more dieties would like to visit the place during this time.

The day after Soora Samhara, the Lord Subramanya gets married to Deivanai (Daughter of Indira) and that is called as Thirukkalyanam.

People tend to visit Tiruchendur to see both Soora Samharam and Thirukkalyanam and get the blessings of god!

Typically this rigid fasting is observed for the people who have excess fat in their body.

My Sashti Fasting

I do observe fasting for the continuous 6 days. The type of fasting varies from place to place and individual to individual. But the one I follow is very rigid. For the full 6 days, I refrain from taking food including water. The end of every day after visiting Murugan Temple and doing a Pooja at home, I take one glass of milk and one fruit (Apple/Banana whatever available).

People do wonder in office and ask me how do I manage without even taking a drop of water for the whole day. I just smile and say with God’s blessings and the determination + willingness, things are possible 🙂It overall purifies your mind, body, soul also provides you a self control!

Today is the 6th day and the fasting ends todayPlanning to do a great pooja with different abhishegams at home today evening. (Panchamirtam, Viboothi, Tender coconut, Rose Water, Sandal etc.,)

I had started this in the year 2007 when I was in Bahrain. I could not continue the same in 2008 as I  had lost around 16 kgs during my onsite term!! But from 2009 it is again continued. This is the third year!

Many Thanks to Lord Muruga and all the well wishers to bless me with his support to continue the fasting amidst the professional works 🙂 Just remember/recollect my dad’s words here during my college days when I tried to observe fasting, he used to day not to do the rigid fasting by then as I was a student and I need more energy for the class/lab works etc,. I used to be on fasting till half a day for first 5 days and only on the sixth day I fasted for the whole day.

Now that I thought I have grown up (!!#@?), I thought I can take up the full course and thankfully I am able to do it for 3 years!

I wish all the people who observe fasting on the Sashti days get their intention, reasons satisfied out of the fasting. Let Lord Muruga bless all the readers as well abundantly!

Few Useful links: — I think he updates the blog every year without changing the URL/blog post entry. You can see the dates for the year 2010 in the same URL which speaks for 2009.


last day

Everyone will have this so called day in our life at various phases. Huh! Right from schooling, college, Employment.. it continues to exist throughout.

I am into such situation now. Leaving this company and today is the penultimate day!

The amount of feelings you have is directly proportional to the years of attachment? Thought it was a hard decision which took more than 7 to 8 months to get its shape, all the acquaintances, people would be slowly moving out of the circle. Yes it is the part of life,  but still the transition period is slightly painful and can’t just be literally expressed through words no matter how good you are at it.

Many people feel reluctant just on the part of losing all the existing people and the comfortable zones they have been living with so far and also the efforts to be put in to creating a similar nest/structure in the new endeavor! Though I have never thought of this and i am not bothered/scared of all as I generally get along with people well and make my own people in the places, the nostalgic feelings are abominable!

Well, I remember by turning back few years back. It is around 4.5 years I have spent in this company. Certainly I was relatively younger in my career and to the industry. Was having many hopes, dreams and ambitions while joining the new venture.  Perhaps, could have been the side effects of the hardships you had faced during the antecedent ventures. Nevertheless, I did have many such hopes and dreams.

Of course, few of them have got very well fulfilled but some of them are yet to! I scold myself a bit as 4+ years gap is too much! :(. Still having been concentrating on other aspects like forming an organization SHaDE ( etc ., and that gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Nevertheless, carrying away all the mixed feelings, experiences and about to step in to a new horizon with few new plus few old-but-yet-to-get-fulfilled dreams,ambitions into the new venture!!


2nd company annual day

This is the 2nd company Annual day I had attended today 08th Jan 2010, Friday 🙂

I still very well remember the very first company day I had attended in my career in this company 2 years back and my blog on the same 🙂 Nostalgic! (Link is here :))

Though there are various reasons (which would probably be shared later), one good thing was I could meet most of my friends, colleagues from the other building at one shot in the auditorium, which otherwise would be little tedious meeting them in person in their respective seats :).

Had a good time and a relaxation out of the regular routine!

Good Evening and Good Weekend 🙂

Happy New Year 2010 :)

1. Wishing all of my friends, fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year 2010 :). Guess it is not too delayed!

2. I missed my blog for a long time. Guess it is almost an year! As there were tooo much of tasks on various dimensi0ns kept me fully engaged, they dint spare me for the blogosphere. Don’t want to justify this and ask excuse. Still! Love you my blog 🙂 Wish there would NOT be any such break in the forthcoming days.

Have many things to blog.. all of them coming one by one.

Have a great start of the year.

Let the year keep you contended and satisfied out of all good wills. 🙂


3000 Posts in JavaRanch

No matter what, It is always yet another factor which keeps me feel happy and little proud of the consistency with respect to the technical stuff I deal in my day-to-day life for my bread and butter 🙂

Yet another milestone of 3000 posts in JavaRanch . The page is available  at

The earlier one was when I reached 1000 posts, which was blogged here

As usual, sharing the screenshot here 🙂

3000 posts in JavaRanch on 11Nov09 Wed 246 AM IST

snapshot of the 3001st Post in JavaRanch

Way to go!!

same day 2 years back

Before I start off, I presume all the friends in the blogosphere are keeping well and life has been in sync with their dreams 🙂

Its been sometime (more than what it could afford to) i was away from my dear blog due to various constraints.

18 September 2007 – Tuesday, the same day 2 years back, for the first time I had travelled out of country (to Bahrain) . Professionally speaking, it was my maiden onsite trip!

All those incidents are afresh, the way I was enjoying the excitement in me about the new environment, life style etc., Thanks to my brother Muthappan for having assisted in purchasing almost all the things I needed to carry :).

The main reason for this post is all about the nostalgic feelings of my beloved dad, who was there with me by then but NOT today :(. I miss you very much appa!

For sure these wordings and blogging could NOT get you back but to some extent they become the medium through which i can express my gratitude and feelings! I deeply get immersed in those fond retentions…

I entrust my thoughts for reaching you! and you are being cherished in all my thoughts, actions…

Will be back ….

GIDS 2009

Blogging after a long gap.. As this post is mainly for GIDS, talk about the rest of the stuff later 🙂

GIDS 2009 – Great Indian Developer Summit (Thank god, there exists other gids — Giri Institute of Development Studies in , a great technical conference from the people all over the world ranging from Java to .Net to Web 2.0 🙂

First thing to appreciate is the way the events are organized. Phew, got really amazed by the way delegates are notified of all the events and registrations and any such notices through an SMS.

Thanks to my colleague Vivek Juneja who had actually let us know and coordinated with the GIDS organizers to get the concession package for a team of 10 people from the same company! Feel like the money spent was not wasted 🙂

Moreover, happened to visit IISC, Bangalore for the first time which I had been waiting for 🙂 though it happens in JN Tata Auditorium.

Attended the Day 3 and 4 sessions on yesterday (Java) and today (workshops) .

Day 3 : JAVA


1. Struts 2.0 Deep Dive by Prabhu Subramanian of DuraSoft, India

It was a nice session to get to know about Struts 2.0 — the new features offerred by Struts 2.0 , the benefits and betterments from earlier versions, significant differences of Struts 1.x Vs 2.0 were neatly covered and the session ended with a hands on demo application of a traditional “NumberGuess” application.

But the session was not satisfying the title I believe. It was  not a deep dive at all rather just a gentle intro! 😦

2. Know your Java by Venkat Subramaniam

This is one of the excellent and interesting sessions. Venkat is a very nice person and well experienced and I have already interacted with him in one of the Book Promo sessions in JavaRanch for his book “Programming Groovy” and was glad to see him in person and attend his session. 🙂 He is the directory of the company .

The session was very good and inquisitive as he had prepared Q&A in basic Java on some categories like Strings, basics, Derived, Math etc., each with the points of  100,500,1000. Volunteers are asked to come to stage and pick up their choice of interest and give a try for answering the question. Venkat did NOT only validate the answer but also demonstrated then and there in his Apple MAC which was really satisfying and convincing  :). I got one 500 points and at the end he called up the peopel whoever has got 1000 points and handed over his books :).

I would have picked up one for 1000 points but somehow dint want to go for “derived” topic and went for my favorite “Strings” area hence I missed the book! 😦 Had I not missed the initial few minutes of the session, I would have grabbed one?

Tea break 🙂

3. Unleashing the power of Java on Intel by Mukeh Gangadhar

It was an informative session by an Intel engineer and nice to rehearse the electronics terms (processor, cpu cyles, throughput etc., after a decade) as he was demonstrating the various ways to optimize the Java applications running on Intel and other tools available for monitoring the performance.

Lunch break 🙂

4. Building RESTful applications with JAX-RS by Criag McClanahan

Was very very excited to see him as he was the original founder of popular open source J2EE Web application framework called Struts 🙂 . He had been also the one of the main persons in JSF (Java server Faces). Though I could not attend his first session “What is RESTful?”, was somehow able to cope up with this session.

5. Programming Groovy by Venkat Subramaniam

This was again one of the interesting sessions and could not even believe that the session was over after the stipulated time. It was all about Groovy a new dynamic language which runs on top of JVM and the features it offers, few excellent benefits it offers, programming features of the language etc. Of course everything with the instant demo!

Kept all the audiences in sync 😉 Kudos..

Tea break 🙂

Day 4 – Workshops


1. Building external DSLs for Java by Venkat Subramaniam

Started with an introduction of DSL (Domain Specific Languages) and what it is all about and continued with the need for the DSL, the two different types of DSL (Internal and External) the present trends and activities being done on it.

The good part is the Q & A session wherein we get to know about the good collection of views and the way venkat takes them up and clarifies. He discussed about Xtext — an DSL tool comes as a plugin for  Eclipse. He had demonstrated one application with XText and the source code it generates along with the parser 🙂

[will blog in detail about the DSL on a separate post]

2. JRuby in Action by Ola Bini

Ola Bini has been one of the 8 core developers of Ruby language and he has been promoting the same thought some of them have quit in the middle. It was nice to see the Ruby features and the pros and cons with the application being demonstrated.

One thing is Ruby was developed based out of Java (following and/or keeping Java in mind) but it just works like a C program but with the Garbage Collectable facility. Has drawbacks on performance compared to Java and few others. Still people go for it due to the features, ease of use .

3. Get Connected – A web based Tutorial by Jim Webber

He is a director, architect of Thought Works and an author of the book “Building Enterprise Web Services”.

Attending right now 🙂

He is talking about the evolution of Web and the various paradigms the history has been seeing. The needs and driving factors of information sharing, various parameters such as client, ISP, Cache, Router etc., wherein some of them drive the trends while few others facilitate.

Also discusses about Http Vs Https and the different parameters associated with it.  its on going…

Today evening there is an award ceremony for which the chief guest is Cyrus Broacha. 🙂

Looks great altogether.

Few comments and suggestions to the Organizing committee

1. The way delegates are kept informed was well. Good lunch and snacks 🙂

2. The audio/video aids were neat and adding values to the talks.

3. Distributing prizes based on a lucky draw for almost all the events like the feedback form after each session,  blogging entry with the url, completion of survey, handing over a EXPO Passport which has to be stamped from all the sponsors around. 🙂 The prizes are Sony 72 MP digital  Camera, 3 days and 2 nights trip to Singapore, Technical books, Badge etc., — A way to keep the participants enthusiastic. Nice Guys!

4. Nice to see plenty of volunteers being around everywhere to assist the delegates for their queries.

4. Only one of the main halls were having an electric outlet for getting our laptops charged! Had to suffer in the sessions happening on other halls! Moroever the credentials (if any) and way to access the wireless network would have been mentioned well rather than letting the delegates suffer! Of course I did for the whole day yesterday! — Point to be noted Organizers! None of the volunteers whom I aksed had an answer for the query! 😦

5. Handing over the goodies (Tshirts) would have been done better — like giving to delegates at the time of registration itself than making all of them form a line and every individual has to spend around 20-30 minutes in the crowd just to get to know that they can get the  Tshirt on the next day as that would be their last day! 😦 Absolutely no need for all these circus guys!

6. Looked like there was no option to choose/customize the technical books given away based on the individual’s interest. I still remember and could not control my laughter on seeing my ex-colleagues face after getting a book on “Software Testing on Visual Studio .NET” when she is a hard core Java/J2EE Developer and the only sentence she could utter was, “fayda kya hai?” [whats the use!]. could have been better!

7. Upon seeing most of the speakers using my dream product Apple Mac Notebook, my craze towards the same has got drastically increased and falling in love with it more and more :)) One excellent feature in Mac which lacks in any other OS is the zooming the desktop with no compromise on the resoultion. Wonderful. Is nt it?

Well, its time to move on.. will have to finish the entry and submit this URL to the organizing committee and also to test my so called LUCK 🙂 Let me see and definitely would keep you posted on the status 🙂 (if I get).

Cya later…