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writer sujatha has passed away

Though its been sometime i blogged, today this news really insisted me to do so..

writer sujatha

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Originally known as ‘S Rangarajan‘, this multi-faceted, eminent personality is well known in the fields of science, literature etc.,  He has never failed to leave his imprints in his works irrespective of the field.  He has got an excellent place in the tamil cinema industry as well in the form of script writer.. very sweet and marking dialogues can definitely make him remembered. Recently he wrote scripts for ‘Sivaji – The Boss’.

 i really could not believe the news when i just saw my colleague was reading the news in website today..

“Writer sujatha has passed away yesterday (wednesday) at his age of 72” 

it took me a minute to realize.. but what to do? reality! hm.. the human life has to come to an end..  my deep condolences to his family members and prayers for his soul to rest in peace.

 I am one among the huge fans he had earned. I am sure his soul will rest in peace definitely as he would have done all his duties perfectly. he was the classmate of our ex President APJ Abdul kalaam.

 there were many excellent stories, short stories, articles written  by him..  he became famous through the tamil weekly magazine ‘Ananda Vikatan’ and his recent contribution to the article ‘Kattradhum Pettradhum’ was a feather to the crown. They were actually collected and released as a series of 3 books. His ‘one minute stories’ – in the name of  ‘si si kathaigal’ were also very remarkable.

whenever i see him in the photographs, i always spend sometime in listening to his eyes.. which has got a real magic power which i feel so great when experiencing..

You will definitely be remembered for your contributions and footprints you have left with us….

To get to know more about this news, you may please go through any of the links..

Missing you dear sujatha sir……:(