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New Year Resolutions 2008

Starting this tag by having a strong belief that you all had a very good celebration for the New Year!

Thanks to PK for having tagged me. 🙂

Here you go.. 

For the year 2008 

    (1) To read some 10 good books like “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” (which i completed by Dec 2007). 
    (2) To achieve the professional goals like doing Technical Certifications which are on shelf for long time.. 🙂 
    (3) To conflagrate the little amount of hidden interest in Photography & Cooking 🙂  

Not Just for 2008, forever…

    (1) To meliorate serving the humanity in the maximum possible ways i could. Also to extend the service for the social cause to a greater extent.
    (2) To  corroborate the passion towards ‘teaching‘ profession which obviously creates any other profession!  


Hope it was short & sweet! 😛 [Is it not? :D]

Wishing you all a great year ahead! 🙂


5 unknown things abt me

Long long ago so long ago was tagged by Ponnarasi. I am extremely sorry for delaying this long! 😦 Apologies.. [Sorry, was triggered to imitate your way. As a token of appreciation, copied your own sentence! he he he]

 Well, this tagged post is all about 5 unknown things about me. Might be not every1 knows everything about us right.

For the people who feel bored of reading lengthy passages, you may please read the lines in bold. that will give you the hint. The rest, can continue as such.

 1. I like the homely faces very much. Obviously seeing in the opposite sex! I believe its only female faces who are blessed with that fascinating nature. In tamil you can say, two words பெண்மை, நளினம் and those words are good when told in tamil itself. I relish, enjoy seeing those faces and somehow would get a very great satisfaction within. No matter where I am, what i do, would cherish those  moments when  i get a chance to sight :).

2. I have a very great respect, craze and jealousy towards the singers (though they are waiting to become popular even). somehow i feel this is one of the talents i lack. [i too sing but that is a different aspect. bcos of which how many hearts  you attract is what here counts]. so hats off to all those people who are gifted by god.. keep rocking! a great fan of my friends who sing very well.  [Arun, Sumi (Arun’s wife), Santa,  Archana, Santa, Sundaresan]

 3. From childhood, whenever i take a head bath and at times when i feel like pouring water forcibly on forehead, i assume myself getting drowned into the water.. especially into the sea water. Still i could see the effect remains, even though i somehow started taking bath in sea water when i go along with friends without knowing to swim properly. 🙂

4. I generally tend to investigate the root cause of any incident/problem. if at all don’t seem to get an answer will accelerate more towards finding the reason unless either of the parties seem to become sick. Because i feel thats the way you can get rid of it in future endeavors.

5. I would definitely let the kid inside me come out and start playing with the *real* kids whom i see. Also still  savoring with the kiddish nature of my friends…Getting back to those ages and lose ourselves intentionally for a while for an unmolested state is  an awesome experience. I swear no grown up children would oppose.

Good. Though the list may continue, i obey the things what i am asked to do as basically being a chuveet boy you know!! 🙂

Feeling relaxed now as one long pending homework is over now. lemme do for pria’s tag which is next in the list.

Now, let me invite some people here. I have a very little cognition about them as we got to know through blogs! so friends its your turn please.. u r granted to take ur own time..

1. Pria

2. Vidya

3. Sumathi

 if i think of some1 else would add later..if u urself are interested, pls feel free to ping me!